I’m an eevee.

1_001I don’t know why. But it just happened. I made another site. But it’s only for rambling stuff and whatever. Not visual novels. Woot.

Speaking of visual novels (NO, I didn’t want to talk about this), I got some new theme for the eevee-novel site. That site is only for my completed and work in progress visual novels. It looks kind of cool. The Duo theme.

Okay, I’ve had enough of visual novel talk and thoughts for today. Let me. Just. Calm. And let my hair dance with the wind (as seen in the picture). Yes, I made that picture in ComiPo! It’s a wonderful art software.

I just wanna keep on making new pictures with it and post them on here. Just randomly. Even though I have an account on DeviantART—no, make that two accounts: eeveetron and azure-rose.

Just now, it looks like someone wants a tutorial on how I make my ComiPo! art. I’ll make a new post, a new pic, and make that my “tutorial post.” Somehow.


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