It’s been… 4EVA, BRAH!!

I don’t know what this picture is about but I’m pointing at something… ANYWAY.2_001

It’s been so long since I’ve talked to my friend I met on a MMORPG. I added her on skype and she messaged me on a different account. Strangely, I knew it was her—Aqua, my bestie! Even though she’s so many years younger than me (I’m 22), I get along with her online more than anyone else!

But if I met her in person…

“Wait a second… do I… know you?
“Why are you telling me that you miss me?”
“Get away from me. I don’t wanna look like a pedophile.

Hey, that sounds, mean. DON’T SAY THAT, YOU MEANIE. We get along so well online, but I bet in real life, we’ll be just like,

“………………………….Can you liek, leave pls. This is awkward.”

…in our thoughts. Unless one of us actually say it.
Okay, you know what, I’m just not going to be a shy girl when I encounter people I know. I’m just gonna be liek.

“YO WUT UP, SON!?” *walks away*

That’s it. That’s all I say. What else do I say to someone I haven’t seen in a while? I DON’T EFFIN’ KNOW!! LOL I don’t know about the walking away part, that’s a bit rude, yah knoe. A bit? No. THAT’S RUDE.

Alrighty. Alrighty then. I’m just. Just. Going to go now. And have a swell time. Making random pictures in comipo. Because comipo is fun. 2tly fun.


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