Why am I so excited? STAHP.

I’m probably a bit too excited about the visual novel thing. I should stop. Because if I keep getting so excited, I might end up getting nothing done. How? It just happens with me. I don’t get it either. So, I’ll just… type… and type… and TYPE.3_001

I found a GUI artist for the game, and thought one day I’ll have him/her make the game’s GUI for me. Like I said… I should stop being so excited. You know why?


So, yes. But at least it’s someone to keep in mind, yo. Wait, shouldn’t I be talking about this GUI shit in my other site? Eh. Oh well. This is my rambling-about-whatever-that-comes-in-my-mind site.

Yea. I was thinking of what the GUI should look like. I was trying to make some shit then was like holy… wut. I don’t know how to make this game look AT ALL.

Only the sprites. And backgrounds. And CG art. And writing. That’s pretty much all I can do. GUI SUCKS ASS when I make one. SO. WOOT.

Okay. I’ll just shut up now and write. GAWD. When will I ever start writing something good?


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