I can write better in my blog than anything!

LIEK I SAID! I can write better in my blog than anything. Because. It’s how. I truly. Feeeeeellllll. Yes. Okay. So no one. Will STAHP ME.

I’m just gonna be writing stuff like crazy that I can’t do in my script. Still doing the prologue of that visual novel whatever thing yo.

BECAUSE. I gotta give at least something to my editor tomorrow.
If not, then… Well… that sucks…!! Showing I didn’t make anyyyyy progress even though I have a WIP page showing my progress each day. GAWD. I’ll just go and yea. Type stuff again.7_001

Continuing from my previous entry’s short bit of a story…!!


So I’m talking to my friend Char about this INCOMPETENT boyfriend of hers. Seriously? Like, you’re still with a dumbass like him!? Lately, she says that he’s always talking over her and always saying, ah “I have to do this or that liek right now so I’m sorry I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR YOU.” He of course didn’t say that but that’s basically what her boyfriend is saying.

This STUPID GUY talks with his ex’s. And I’m just like…
You can’t. You just. Can’t be friends with your ex’s. Once they’re “gone”… THEY SHOULD BE GONE FOREVER.8_001

Because you have your new girlfriend. Because she’s all over your mind. Right? NOPE. Apparently NOT. She’s right behind you as she watches you enjoy your lameass “friendship” with your ex.

My gawd you idiot. You’re not showing ANY committment at ALL. You don’t show you care at ALL. She’s so damn cute, cuter than any of those ex’s you’ve ever had, and you might lose her one day because of how DUMB you are, flirting with… pretty much everyone? 

Char is totally cute though, like a baby kitten. And he’s like “OMFG LET ME OWN THAT NAOW.”9_001But it’s true, like a kitten. If you slightly push it or tease it, it squeals. That’s how Char is. I’m like WTF WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO DAMN CUTE GAWD I JUST CAN’T LOL!! I remember always teasing her too. She has a fetish for biting. And so I was telling her…

“Would you like it if I bite on your earlobe? Gently.”
“I’ll whisper dirty things in your ear as I bite.”
“Let me hear you squeal like a little kitten, my little kitten.”

LOL no, I didn’t say those exactly. But might be similar! She was like OMG STAHP! *gets hot*
I’m sorry. You’re just cute. And so sensitive.
This is why so many people mess with your head… *sad face*

But anyway. This guy supposedly likes to tease her too. I mean, yeah. Everyone would probably enjoy it. Honestly! But THIS GUY. Is taking her for granted. You want to lose her? FINE. I’LL TAKE HER YOU FUCKING LITTLE BITCH.

She’s so nice to talk to. I like giving her advice—if they really are advice—about what she should do if she’s unsure about something. Or like. ANYTHING. She’s a really kind person that doesn’t want to hurt people in any way whatsoever.

So, in the end… all I can say is…
She. Deserves. Better. Much much muchhhhhh better.

Okay yea, I think I’ll make another post just for the hell of it. I need some novely writey time. Or else. I won’t know what to do! Yep.


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