Novely writey time. For a short time.

Okay I’m supposed to sleep like, really soon, because I… haven’t slept yet. It’s friggin liek, early here. And for some weird reason, wordpress says it’s 1pm! It’s 6am, yo! Yet… I want to write before I send stuff to my editor. 10_001

Then later, I actually did nothing. I have nothing to send! I’m so sorry! I do NOT! But I do have only like a few opening scenes. Liek totally. Like 2 posts ago, I wrote some creepy-ish shit and realized HAY THIS LOOKS GOOD!! I think I’ll put it in the novel! WOOT!

Yea, I got that part. But she said I needed to make a few so we can understand like. What kind of story we got here, yo!

Alrighty, yo. I wanna stop rambling liek RIGHT NOW. And then I go and type!


I just woke up from that terrible dream, making a high-pitched scream that screeches around every corner of the suffocating, compact classroom. All the windows were closed and the room was getting warm, especially since the window shades were up, welcoming the daylight. It’s no wonder I’m sweating. Maybe this heat is the cause of the bad dream.

The loud sound of my voice couldn’t be released from the room full of students covering their ears. “Itsuka, please pay attention in class and NOT fall asleep during my lectures!” my teacher tells me with a demanding voice. “AND NOT yell so loudly in class.”

“S-sorry… I just woke up from a bad dream…!!” I reply nervously, looking around at my classmates. Some were staring at me with an odd expression—like I’m some kind of alien—and some look away and giggle softly to themselves.

Especially the guy right next to me—Shinji. No, I don’t even want to call him by his name. He’s a dimwit who likes to make fun of me for whatever reason. I bet he’s even making fun of me in his head right now. That weird look on his face like he’s laughing at me… how can he be so idiotic and obvious?

“You say you had a good dream, but you actually had a—”

“Shut it! It’s none of your beeswax what I dream about!!”

This sucks.
I’m so tired.
And hungry.
I think I’ll just go eat then sleep…!!


4 thoughts on “Novely writey time. For a short time.

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