I’m so awake! Or is my mind messing with me?

I’m so awake it’s scary! I was tired not long ago. What happened!? STUFF HAPPENED. SHADDAP you’re gonna keep rambling nonstop again. I need… to… write… my story… damn you, hand. I might have nothing for my editor. I need something for my editor!!15_001My body lied to me. I thought I stole my own virginity. At first I was like YES! But then I put my finger in a little deeper and was like *sad face* It was all a LIE!! Now I’m gonna die when I have sex!! I don’t want to die!!

If I ever write a sex scene in a story, I’m just gonna have the girl die afterwards.
“It hurts! It hurts so much!”
“STOPPPP YOU RAPIST— Ohhhhh shit it’s soooo goood!!”
“I can’t… I can’t live anymore…”
“Someone kill me. My life is ruined by this rapist.”
“This was tragic…”
*death end*

LOL you know what I’m just…
I’m just gonna keep writing…
*end of talking about randomness*

Now, let me think of some type of scenario after my last post. UGH you know what, I think I’ll just write a different post because this one is just about virginity…


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