What are you most scared of? MYSELF.

I’m scared of me! It’s true… sometimes when I look in the mirror, I’m just like, “You’re so scary, Eevee! Stop looking at me!”
“You’ll never run away from me. I own you.”
“Why can’t you just die!?
“I’ll kill you before you kill me!” *takes out knife*
*steals knife and throws it at mirror*You can’t!!*mirror shatters*

18_001Omg why did I type that now I really am scared. LOL I think I’m a yandere. Like, I think I’m damn hot when I look in the mirror. I seriously like, fall in love with myself.
“What, seriously? Why would you do that? GAWD you narcissist.”
But then a few seconds later I’m just like, “Stop… I don’t want this… DON’T KILL ME NAO!!”

This… is a short entry.
I’m supposed to be sleeping. Oops. Gonna get caught now.
Like I’m still in high school *facepalm*


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