Writing? Writing what? It BETTER be about your story THIS TIME!

“Hay gurl, guess what!?”
“I… just wanna tell you how much I—”
“W-w-a-wa-w-a-aw-a-wait a second, is this a love confession—!?”
“How much I like this teacher’s lecture! Did you listen!? YEA!? YEA YEA!?!?”
“NO!! SHUT UP!! WHO’D LIKE THIS BORING LECTURE, DUMBASS!?”(Damnit, I thought he was gonna say how much he loves me.)
16_001I have a feeling one of my characters I make in like any story would always be expecting something like, “Omg he’s gonna say this!” “Damnit, he didn’t.” “Wait, I know he feels this way about me!” “What… was that all a lie afterall!?” *facedesk*

I’m gonna write a little bit of my story! But WAIT! This part probably won’t be in it… I want to write something smutty just because I want to!

I don’t understand. I’ve always seen his face, but always said I hated him. But why do I feel this way when we’re so close? He was holding me in his arms, and I became frozen—so frozen that all I could ever do was look into his eyes. All I could ever feel was his hands wrapped around me. I can smell his breath I once thought was disgusting, but it was like I wanted to steal the lunch he ate earlier away from his lips. Those lips—they were moving, but I couldn’t hear a single word he was saying.

“This isn’t good. I’m not supposed to feel like this. He’s not the guy I like. I have a boyfriend. My online boyfriend!”17_001

“Itsuka… get off…”

I didn’t care about any word he says. In this moment, I’m already lost in his gaze. I’m already feeling— what is this feeling…!?

“Can you please just—”

“Hah!?” I gasp in confusion because of something strange hitting my thigh. It was a fabric covering something hard. Finally, I’m thawed because of the curiosity of what that hard thing is.

I don’t know why I was so shocked—I look at the bulge in his pants and was about to panic. Panic? Why? He got a hard-on because of me. Shouldn’t I be… happy?

“Why would I be happy about something like this!?” I think to myself, trying to deny the true fact that feeling his body against mine is making me heat up. “He’s turned on… just by having me so close…”

He notices my fast heart rate against his chest and smirks at me like he’s scheming something.

“You really like being on top of me, don’t you?”

Right after he says that, he flips over, pushing me to the cold solid floor.

You know what. I’m…
I can’t think!! FORGET SMUT!!
BAIBAI SMUTTY SMUT SMUT!! I’m not COMPATIBLE with you at the moment!
So, I can’t write… you.


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