I GAHT DIS. Writing the next scene? or not… *facepalm*

Tomorrow is a weekday! I knowwww my editor is expecting some work being done. I have to give her at least SOMETHING! I only have around 1,400 words. I need at least 5,000 or more! UGH. I so badly want to write the scenes when my character meets her long lost older bother and father!21_001I was talking about incest in my last post but THERE WILL NOT. Be. Incest in my story. No forbidden romance *sad face* 

I like. Forbidden love. Student/teacher romance doesn’t count as forbidden love to me! Because. The student will eventually get older and graduate. And will eventually fall in love with the teacher again and she’s legal. NOT forbidden love.

Since there are those who accept gay/lesbians/bisexuals and in some places they can marry and stuff, that also DOES NOT count as forbidden love. Because some people are accepting it…!! So, in the end, incest (specifically big brother/little sister) is what I can go to for… forbidden love. Yay. It’s gross! It’s bad!

And so, I’m supposed to write bits of my story now, BUT I TOOK TOO LONG RAMBLING WTF. I was told to get off the computer in a few minutes. SEE BITCH now you can’t write your story cuz you talk too much in your blog. STAHP TALKING SO MUCH OF NONSENSE!!

Great, I paused for a bit of typing.
“Sleep? But wordpress’s time says it’s time to wake up!”
“No, you sleep in the mornings, so that means it’s time to sleep.”
“OH SHIT— well that’s just great. THANKS A LOT FOR THE REMINDER.
Yea…………. THANKS A LOT. Sleepy time


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