You were expecting me!? AWWW MANNNN!!!

My editor was expecting me to give her my work yesterday, but I was out of the house the time she was available. THEN when I got home, she wasn’t available! That. Sucks.

25_001I feel so sad! But at the same time, I have more time to write more stuff. BUT at the same time, I have a feeling she was expecting more *sad face* YEA CUZ I still have liek, wut. 1,400 words. I didn’t add anything else after my last bit of a story I did!

I think 1,400 words is all I can submit. I’m really tired today. I slept for only a few hours and went to a doctor’s appointment AND I usually don’t wake up at noon. I usually wake up at liek, 3-4pm. After this doctor’s appointment, surprisingly I actually am up at nine in the morning LIEK WTF MAN how is that even possible for someone like me!?

I was srsly gonna watch some Gintama yesterday on crunchyroll, but I was logged in on some other account and wasn’t sure if I should’ve logged out so in the end I NEVER got the chance to WATCH MY FAVORITE ANIME after coming home exhausted. DAMN IT ALL.

Aside from that, I thought I saw my crush from like, high school. I was actually thinking of him FOR SOME ODD REASON at a restaurant. Then he SUDDENLY appeared at an asian supermarket. I mean, I don’t usually see an asian that tall and thin like him around there, so it must… be him… LOL

I had a weird feeling cuz he was like walking over to where I was sitting, then I noticed he looked at me, so I slightly looked away. THEN HE WALKED AWAY. *disappointed*

I have no idea, it must’ve been my imagination, but all day yesterday, guys were staring at me. I was thinking…

“Wait, it there something on my face?”
“No, you’re just one hell of an ugly bitch they’ve never seen before.”

All of them just had a straight face, but they were actually thinking, “GAWD, why dafuq does this hoe even exist?” *gets thrown off a building* In the end, I’m the only one who thinks I’m hot and scary at the same time.



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