Singing in my head isn’t important! Writing is + outline!!

I’m singing Disclosure’s “Latch” in my head while imagining I’m in some distant land making it seem so dramatic…!! BUT THAT’S not important right now!! Writing is more important!!30_002So, where was I… I left off at the classroom when my character Itsuka wakes up in the middle of class from a bad dream!

I ignore my stupid classmate next to me and draw in the notebook I took out of my bag. I have no idea what’s going on in class. What is the teacher even teaching us? I never even pay attention to his terrible lectures. Can he be any more monotone than he already is?

Almost half of the class is dosing off or actually sleeping. Others are either talking to their friends, looking out the window, or doodling in their notebooks like I am right now. But I can’t believe it—this idiot classmate on my right keeps looking at me. Am I really that entertaining?

“What do you want, idiot!?” I whisper to him in a hoarse voice, staring at him fiercely.

Mr. Oblivious seems to not hear what I just said to him and focus his eyes on the teacher, pretending to listen to his lecture… or is he actually listening to it…?

BLAGH I’m thinking of the outline at the moment.

SO… there should be a few chapters in the story (5 too short? maybe more than 5?)… Gonna plan on having at least 7 endings, the main end of course has to be there! The intros I’m planning to have…

  1. intro 1: running away from some creeper
  2. intro 2: waking up in class from the nightmare of being chased
  3. intro 3: being with friends talking about messing around with guys in an online chatroom
  4. intro 4: at the library going online in the chatroom meeting “rikuo”
  5. intro 5: being in an online relationship?

Uh… SOMETHING like that. Kind of. Then comes chapter one I think… of Virtual Boyfriend -Love and Friendship-!! Geez I haven’t updated the WIP site. I GOTZ TO. When I make some progress… in my story… I will…!!

I know for sure that in the main ending, she’s going to make up with her friends, find out who her real family is, and find out who her real virtual boyfriend is.

UGH OKAY. It’s getting late. I haz. To sleep. Again.


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