His personality type…???

I’ve been having some trouble with making a personality type or whatever. Like, I want to make my guy character Shinji from my story with this Tsundere personality. An example situation… 33_002“Shinji, can you get me my eraser? I can’t get it and it’s on your side—”
I don’t care. Just walk over here and get it yourself.”
“But I said… I said I can’t get it…!!
“Well, I said GET IT. YOURSELF. It isn’t that hard to get up from your seat, walk over here, and pick it up. THEN go back to your seat.”
“…….B-but the teacher is gonna—”
“THEN DON’T GET IT. It’s simple, right? Or are you an idiot and can’t understand just that?”

I wanna try to remake a part of the “waking up in class” scene, because it seemed like the female protagonist was the tsundere and not the… whatever she is… non-tsundere… “clueless girl?”

“S-sorry!! I just woke up from a bad dream!” I reply nervously looking at my classmates—some were giggling or dosing off and don’t even care at all.

But my classmate on my right seems to laugh at me so obviously. He didn’t even try to hide it. I’m sure what he’s doing right now is intentional. His eyes are even focused right on me as he laughs. What’s his problem anyway? What did I even do to him to make him act this way towards me?

It’s Shinji, the guy I recently met this semester. We started talking in the middle of our second term of my second year in high school. I never noticed him until now. Maybe it’s because I never sat next to him. If I did earlier, then I probably would’ve talked to him before. But even if I talked to him, he’d probably still act mean to me.

“You sure that was a bad dream? Heh. I bet you were dreaming of—”

“It’s…!! It’s none of your beeswax what I dream of!!”

I don’t know why he finds it so fun to bully me this way. I wonder if he has ever done this to other people, more specifically, to other girls in school. I’m trying to get used to it… “trying…” That way, I might not get affected by his teasing anymore.

He stopped for a little bit during the teacher’s boring monotone lecture. How can anyone stand listening to his voice? I’m pretty sure my classmates couldn’t. Of course, I was right. Most of them were talking to their friends, dosing off or actually sleeping, looking out the window, and doodling in their notebooks like I’m about to do.

Taking out my notebook from my bag, opened it up, and started drawing in it. “Shinji… is… a— Oops!”

I drop my eraser on the ground and try to pick it up, but I’m so clumsy that I even drop my notebook next to Shinji, showing a picture of him being stabbed to death by me with the words “Shinji is a dumb…”

“Ah. So, that’s what you think of me?” He smiles at me but it twitches just a little bit. When he grabs my notebook, I expected he give it back, but I was wrong. Completely wrong.

“Hey! What are you doing!? That’s my notebook! You can’t do whatever you want with it!”

His eyes give me a stare of hatred and rip out the page I drew of him in pieces until no one can make out what was drawn on it. “Here’s your notebook. But you should get your eraser yourself.”

“What!? They’re both on your side! Just give both to me…”

*facepalm* I think they’re both idiots. I’m confused about the female protagonist, Itsuka’s character personality. I don’t know what she is! This is complicated. Complicated to make personalities!

I’ll think of it later I guess. I suddenly got tired.


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