Writing is soooo repetitive and annoying sometimes…

Lately, I realized how annoying my writing style is. Liek, why do I have to write “said” so many times, or “replied?” Why can’t it be like, “I JUMPED UPON A TALE that threw me into the sky with excitement.” translation: I talkedĀ about a story that I remembered was funny.37_002

I just made my main character meet someone new and I was trying to make him sound so nervous. Even her too. When I made them bump into each other, I wrote the scene and thought,

“how come they don’t sound so surprised?” or like, “OMG I’M LIEK SUPER SORRY I BUMPED INTO YOU!!” or like, “S-s-s-s-s-oooorrryyyy!!! I… I have to… I have to leave NAO!!!” *runs off to a faraway land*

Then I thought… “Why can’t I just write like I would in my blog? IT MAKES THINGS EASIER.”

Yea. So. I got tired of writing opening scenes. Yea. And I’m still on the prologue of the story. WHY DAFAQ AM I STILL WRITING THE PROLOGUE!? How much longer is this gonna take? YEARS? YES. NO I DON’T WANT THAT ASSHOLE.

I at least have 1,600 words this time… LOL that’s only 200 more from last time I updated. Last time it was 1,400. WHEN WILL I GET TO AT LEAST 50,000 WORDS!??!?! Maybe the prologue… is actually 50,000 words.

The prologue… will never end… NUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!


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