Is this decided yet? Virtual Boyfriend: Secret Diary WIP?

I changed my visual novel’s title again. GAWD. Virtual Boyfriend: Secret Diary is now what it’s called. It used to be Virtual Boyfriend -Love and Friendship-, then Virtual Boyfriend -Connected Paths-, then Virtual Boyfriend: Connection, then THIS. Virtual Boyfriend: Secret Diary. IT’S FINAL. GAWD.

But I made a cover image for it and I BET I won’t even use it. It won’t even happen. I just wanted to make it. JUST KIDDING. It will happen. IT WILL!vbsd_004Okay. Well. That’s that. I WANT TO USE IT.
I completely changed the synopsis/storyline. It’s now…

Before Itsuka left for her last day of high school, she finds 11 journal entries on her laptop—all saved in the first two weeks of February last year—but realizes that all of the entries about her first boyfriend during her second year are unfinished. Itsuka has vivid images of those times that she might be able to finish the entries by reminiscing, but will they be the same from what really happened? Is she really just reminiscing or is everything she “remembers” actually reality?

Or maybe I’ll change the synopsis again sooner or later!?

Well. It’s somewhat similar. She’s going to go back through her 2nd year… from her last day (of third year) of high school again from reading her journal entries. But it’s still going to be similar to my comic, so NO WORRIES. No, wait… or is she still in her 2nd year of high school? NOE ONE KNOES.

I’m done typing the short-ish prologue. IT’S SHORT THIS TIME. AND I FINISHED THE FUCKING PROLOGUE LOL. Currently typing up day 1. In the game, there are 2 weeks until you are able to finish the entries. During those 2 weeks, you’ll be able to either change the past or keep it as is depending on the choices made. Then you can write either completely new entries (changing the past) or finish the original entries (keep past as is).

If you can’t finish the entries AT ALL… IT’S GAME OVARRR!!

How should I do that? I DUN NOE YET. I mean, it’s a dating sim.. So, I can write this story… but you can too!! Yes. Write with me when the game is complete!Screenshot_002

Why do I have to be so excited? I already posted a pic of what it “might” look like. This is when you read the original journal entry. But you can complete it or make a brand new entry in those 14 days in february. Or is it 15? I don’t know anymore.

This is supposed to be in my other site, WIP stuff. I guess that’s dead? LOL I’m posting all the WIP stuff here in my personal blogggg naoooo. Woooot.

Okay. I will hope to finish day one soon…!!


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