I actually made some progress… It’s a miracle.

Itsuka “I did it, big brother! I’m in the 2,120 words eevee wrote!”
Ichiro “That’s great. Now give me a hug.”
Mana “Why does she get a hug and not me!?” *feels alone*
EeveeI SHOULD BE SAYING THAT.” *bitch slaps Mana*40_002

Yesterday night, I was typing up my story and I was just freewriting. Then I realized, “HAY I WRITE SO MUCH FASTER WHEN I DON’T GIVE A FUCK.” But when I do… I can write only like at least 100 words. Yesterday, I wrote 1,300 words. So, I was like, “2MARO I WILL RITE 5,000 WARDSS!!

I think it happened because I was told to just write like… crazy then go back to edit it later. Looks like this visual novel should be at least (since there are 5 routes aside from common route)… 180,000 words. If 50,000 for each (like I planned before), 300,000 words.

*vomit* WTF why do I need to write SO MANY FUCKING WORDS!?
“You need to write at least 30,000 words for each route! Or maybe 50,000!
“Then what do you have time for!?”
“………..I guess I’ll need to write at least 30,000 words.” *sad face*

I WONDER if I can finish the common route before December! Then I can finally write the other routes.

Wait, I shouldn’t be saying all this yet. OR should I? Well this is liek my BLAHG so I sey wut I wantz. Time to write again. I better make it 5,000 words this time!!


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