Too much work to be fashionable?

I was so shocked when I saw this video on how to cover acne with just makeup. I do have some, so it’s a bother when I go out. But I’m just so lazy to do all that work. It seems like a lot of work to me to put on all this makeup……….

But it’s… amazing… I tried doing it once, but there were little bumps that looked really obvious. I’m just liek,41_002

“FECK DIS. I’m TAIERD of putting on all this MAKEUP!!
“But if you put it on, you’ll look like a sexy bitch.”
“FUCK BEING A SEXY BITCH I’M TIRED!! At least my outfit looks sexy.”
“But you’re not sexy enough.”

I might be kind of narcissistic. KIND OF!? WUT. Okay, but when I go out, I like showing off my fashionable clothes!! I’m a small asian (even smaller than my cousins so I get sad… but that’s where the heels come in!) who likes wearing heels, short shorts or skirts, some cool type of top… of some sort. Something that isn’t just a T-shirt. Tons of accessories, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and maybe more~

I sometimes like looking at girls wearing cute casual dresses, but I don’t think it’s my style. I admired punk fashion and wore a few. Sort of my style. When I was in high school, I had some cool hairstyles that I could use some gel and style it to my liking. Then I grew out my hair and wore a lot of head bands or some type of hair accessories of some sort?

But then I outgrew it. I wanted to dress like … uh, womanly? LOL. My mom was all telling me how I always look like a kid wearing those punk girl outfits. (plus she sees me hugging plush toys) So I decided to wear something similar to these…

That girl’s hair in the 2nd picture… is huge. LOL liek, I WISH I had the FUCKING MONEY to buy all these fashionable and more subtle shieeeettt!! 
In the end, I never wear anything subtle…

Okay. I’m hungry. And tired. I’ll eat. Hope not to eat too much, but I always keep getting told to eat cuz I look like a TWIG. *facepalm*


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