I’m tired. Even tired of writing. Sometimes!

I’m so tired. Even tired of writing right now, plus it’s liek, late. I didn’t even write that much. ….Plus I’m hungry again.43_002

I was aiming for 5,000 words but in the end, I wrote 1,200. UGH. I think that’s just gonna happen everyday. If I write 1,000 something everyday in a month, then a little over a month I’ll be able to have the 30,000 words that I wanted.

I’m at least getting somewhere… I guess! Day 1…

“Damnit, I had to run away from that stupid teacher patrolling the school. It’s all because I was late!”
“Yeah you were. And I made you sit next to the guy you hate after how tired you were. Heh.”
“Why do you have to abuse me!?”
“Because you look like an innocent little girl and I HATE INNOCENT LITTLE GIRLS LIKE YOU ITSUKA!!”
“But Eevee… you’re the one who made me…”

I just needed to write my feelings! Short entry.


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