Some sort of gameplay! Cosplay cafe!?

So earlier, I was writing up an outline on how the dating sim/story whatever goes for Virtual Boyfriend: Secret Diary. Along the way I’m liek, “what if there was a school-girl cosplay cafe!?” I couldn’t make any wardrobe changes in comipo, they’re all school uniforms, and the main character Itsuka has to work and get money to buy food and such for each meal┬áto get energy!

Since it’s work, she has to put on a new uniform different from the one she’s wearing. That includes a wig! That way… no one… recognizes her. EXCEPT. For her father. LOL.44And so. I was at first thinking of making this as a little mini game where you can walk around the place and serve people and stuff, but it seemed complicated to make a mini game like that when this is just a non-commercial game *sad face*

Or it can be like… there are several customers in the cafe, and you can just choose one of them, and then! Serve them and talk with them about… stuff… if i get a really good programmer who doesn’t mind not getting paid to do that… then it would be cools~

I got another editor! She’s my friend I’ve known for a while and has helped me a lot, and it seems like she can help me also when my other editor is out of touch. But I’m assuming… she’ll be overwhelmed with reading the entire story, which is gonna be really long (she’s still a teenager, but is really good with helping me out). So, I’ll just have my other editor read all that shieeet whenever she’s available.

But maybe she’ll say something about the little mini game. Because she likes games too. Maybe I should leave it out, maybe I shouldn’t. BAH I’m just rambling wtf.


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