This is getting boring! Or am I just not too into it?

I feel like I really need to change my writing style. It’s getting really boring and annoying when I read it and write my story. BUT I AT LEAST… have 7,089 words

But seriously, I was just like… I NEED TO WRITE LIKE I DO IN MY JOURNAL. Then when I write, it’s all serious and GETS BORING DAMN YOU.

I’m still on Day 1 (Chapter 1) and since it’s a dating sim, I’m all like, “is this just… gonna happen EVERY single day? THIS BORINGNESS!?”46Virtual Boyfriend: Secret Diary. Should I also change the title, like how it’s written? I won’t change the full words, I mean I feel like I should take out the “:” and put in something else… LIKE Virtual Boyfriend -Secret Diary- or Virtual Boyfriend ~Secret Diary~ or Virtual Boyfriend *Secret Diary* or… okay. I don’t know.

Well then. I think I need to figure out more on how the story goes, not just my writing style. It’s pretty much the story that MIGHT end up getting boring. So, the order of the first day…

  1. Checking horoscope on how the day would go,
  2. eating breakfast/skipping breakfast/forgetting lunch
  3. going to school (usually late),
  4. meeting with a guy she “hates” and a new guy,
  5. going to P.E. without a P.E. uniform (no, she didn’t go to P.E. naked),
  6. having mini games (like when going to lunch, playing basketball in P.E., working at a restaurant to get money),
  7. cleaning the school,
  8. hanging out with her friends (but what to do…),
  9. going to work to get money,
  10. go home to talk to online boyfriend or just sleep.

I guess that’s… what I have planned for almost everyday. But if it’s everyday… wouldn’t that seem boring? That’s what I’m thinking.

I’m probably not gonna ask my teenage editor, showing her what I have and asking her what I have to do anymore. My other editor needs to see everything I have, or else I’m gonna go crazy out of my mind cuz I wouldn’t know what this outline should be like, or if I even need to do the exact same thing everyday.

Okay… uh… I’ll just make it sound like Itsuka is talking/narrating as if she’s writing in her journal for the whole day. I’ll see how it turns out…

I’ll hope if I do that, I can type faster!


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