I couldn’t concentrate on writing… I made part of the GUI…!!

BAH. I shouldn’t be doing this. Dating sim GUI… I already made a GUI for Virtual Boyfriend Secret Diary when I’m supposed to friggin WRITE. I’m messing around too much. I gotz to concentrate!

The GUI that I made using ComiPo!… it looks really childish and unorganized. BECAUSE. I’m not an amazing GUI artist. But I think it looks decent for some reason. Maybe it’s meant to look childish!?

config1I had fun putting in the text…

  1. Go back: back to playing the game
  2. Leave session: main menu/top
  3. Leave 4 EVER: quit game
  4. Diary, don’t look!: list of journal entries
  5. (drawing of Aries the Ram): daily horoscope readings
  6. erase: erase what’s on the board
  7. draw: draw anything on the board with white chalk
  8. color: color in your drawings on the board with pink chalk
  9. status: your status…?
  10. bag: inventory! food? money? other stuff
  11. extra: extra stuff…?

I’m just not experienced enough to actually put in all the coding… UGH. I just wanted to make this. It might change but whatever~

Aside from that! I wrote 10,012 words! I have a feeling this game might be more than just 30,000 words. Because… prologue = 405 words, day 1 = 8,385 words, day 2 = 1,202 words. There are 15 days. And the intro with day 1 and 2 are already 10k. So what would that mean…

Each day (Feb 1 to 15) might be 8k words… that equals…

*cough cough* “WHAT!? Do I need to write over 120,000 words!?”
“Yes. Yes you do. So that means… STAHP PROCRASTINATING!!
“Then you might finish it by 2016, not 2015!”
NO, BITCH! I’ll finish it! I’ll find people who like to do programmy-arty shit without being paid to finish this all!!”
“Well, good luck doing that… when you do.”
“…………………….do you really mean good luck?*gets backstabbed*

Okay. I spent too many hours working on the pointless (kind of) GUI. I should write… again…


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