Making a story with character personalities?

Just looked at a deviantART page saying how to create a story through a character. This is supposedly by a disney artist, Brian Kesinger. It will probably help for writers who struggle with character development!


Itsuka: Don’t you think this sunset is wonderful? *blissful smile*
Shinji: No. Bye. *hurries away from Itsuka with a straight face*
Itsuka: ……………FINE!! Be that way!! *sits on grass feeling alone*

I’ll hope I’m doing it right. I’ll try it out on my story. Or maybe I’ve been doing that and haven’t noticed? So, type up how the character feels in a situation? Sort of?

Virtual Boyfriend Secret Diary is getting dull, so maybe it’s the characters that need to be worked on! I keep changing the personalities of my characters, because I’m not sure how they’re supposed to be like especially the male characters…!!

  1. Itsuka Sasaki, cheerful and childish. Has a habit of saying things out loud (her thoughts) and is a bit of a klutz.
  2. Mana Shimizu, energetic and sociable, until her “belongings” (such as her friends) get taken away from her. Jealous at times and has temper tantrums.
  3. Yuko Nakamura, gentle and caring, like a mother to her friends (or maybe everyone!). Can be very soft-spoken at times and passive.
  4. Shinji Kimura, stubborn and dishonest. It takes a lot of courage for him to say his true feelings. Sometimes can be competitive and likes to win.
  5. Ren Inoue, mostly shy and nervous. He has a calm and collected front, but tends to not speak and try to be “nonexistent.”
  6. Ichiro Tanaka, playful and outgoing. He can be narcissistic and selfish when it comes to things he sees attractive.
  7. Rikuo Okamoto, friendly and mellow. He’s usually seen walking around the school without any reason and may look like a dimwit.

Those are pretty much the main characters. I’m not sure if I used the right words to describe the characters, like childish and cheerful or whatever. But I guess those words at least kind of describe those characters.

So, if I make the story with these characters and those certain personality traits, I wonder how the story would be like…!! *starts to write again after a 1 and 1/2 day break*


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