Confused. I’ll try it anyway!

I’m trying to figure out more of what WordPress is… doing… to me… Making me confused is what it’s doing! There’s some sort of “portfolio” or projects in the dashboard and I’m just liek,

*is stupid* “LIEK WAT IZ DIS SHIET!?”
“It doesn’t hurt to try and see before you say something like THAT.”
“I’M SCARED OF DIZ SHIET!! Something weird might pop up on the site.”
“WHO CARES. You don’t even have anything interesting on there anyway! Might as well see what THIS IS.”


If I happen to make some random portfolio like about Virtual Boyfriend stuff, I probably don’t know what I’m doing. “WAT IZ A PORTFOLEEEOHHH!?!?” “I don’t know. Google it.”

Whenever I ask my parents a question, they always say, “I DON’T KNOW! GOOGLE IT! YOU HAVE YOUR PHONE, SO FIND OUT NAOOOO!!!” Well, they don’t really yell it out like that, but their voice is always so loud when I ask them something I don’t know.

“Oh. Okay.” *cries in a dark corner instead of googling*

I don’t really have much interesting conversations with my parents, so I like to ask stuff. In the past, I always ask them questions and I found it fun when they answer and I learn from them. But NAO THEY’RE LAIK, “I won’t answer you. You already know what to do.” “Wh-what do I do.” “Google it.” “………..DAMN IT!”

Okay. I won’t google anything anymore (that’s a lie), but will find out stuff… ON MY OWN!! *types stuff in portfolio/projects*


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