Background story + get with all the guys!

Shinji: “You don’t get to peace out.”
Ichiro: “She isn’t talking to you. She wants to peace out with me.”
Itsuka: “Wait, what?
Mana: “Why does SHE get all the guys and not me!?*goes psycho*

I just… wanted to explain the random picture…

Made a little story of Itsuka’s past and now she gets to be cutesy with all the guys! The guy who is supposed to be her real father is actually a teacher at her school who used to be her guardian (took care of her when she was little), BUT she forgot because she got amnesia in a car accident.

56She doesn’t know anything. Only her teacher and Ichiro, her older brother. The teacher, Tetsuya took both of them in when their parents died. Her mother died when she gave birth to her, and the father committed suicide. They were abandoned on the street when the couple (Tetsuya and his girlfriend) found them.

The girlfriend of Tetsuya was going to drive Itsuka to school and the two of them suddenly got into a car accident because she’s emotionally unstable after the fight she got in with Tetsuya. After that, Tetsuya decided that he can’t handle her emotional issues and separated from her, only taking Ichiro with him.

WHY did he want to take care of one of the kids and not leave both with his ex?

He’s afraid that he might take advantage of the girl when she’s older who isn’t his real daughter. He insisted on taking care of the kids when he saw they were abandoned, so he should at least take care of the boy, Ichiro.

This seems a bit weird to me. Honestly, I was trying to make a story where Itsuka can end up with him and not as her real father. So… this is what happened when I tried to come up with it.

But the previous story was!!

Itsuka’s mother died and the father couldn’t take care of two kids. He didn’t like Itsuka because she “caused” his wife’s death. He sent her away to a friend far from where he lives and asked her to take care of her instead. Even though he doesn’t like her, he didn’t want to just leave her on the streets. So, she was left with the mother and her other child, who is now Itsuka’s brother.

She has no father to take care of her now, because her step mother divorced her husband. Her husband took a lot of the money with him, and now Itsuka’s step family is broke.

WHY did Itsuka’s real father want to leave her with a poor family?

He wants his friend to know his hate for her too, because that friend now needs to take care of two kids and she’s emotionally unstable even with taking care of her real child. He wants Itsuka to suffer like he did when his wife died.

Wait a second… has this story ever been this… dark or tragic? I NEVAR THAHT AHBAOT EETTT!! *stupid face*

BUT ANYWAY. I took out one guy in the story, Aki, her step brother. Unless he can just be some random guy she always sees, like if you take the train, she sees him all the time and he gives you advice or something. Like, talking to strangers…

Itsuka: “GAWD my mom at home is so STOOOPID.”
Aki: “Hit her in the face with a wake-up-to-reality punch when she’s out of control.”
Itsuka: “Thanks, stranger! I think I will! Goodbye, whoever you are!”

Then, coincidentally! She meets the stranger again! “It…was fate…!”

I don’t think I made much progress with writing the draft. Only coming up with ideas! Okay. That’s enough. I shouldn’t be writing so much in here. But. I am.


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