Making a GxB visual novel? Odd Love Test!

Hmm… a new romance GxB game “Odd Love Test.” this was sort of happening to me (and probably others) in real life: to make the guy you confessed to (but got rejected) like you back/jealous, sometimes, we can flirt around with another guy. MAYBE. Just maybe. He might want your attention back to him. Don’t know how guys think though. Maybe they actually don’t think much about it at all and in the end, we’re trying too hard for nothing!

“Hey, guy, wanna be my boyfriend?” PFFT not that I like you…!!
“Sure, I guess…
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘I GUESS!?’ You think I’m an easy girl!?
“N-no, I didn’t mean that—”
“FINE. FORGET IT!!*stomps away but regrets it and begs for ex’s love instead*

Wrote a story like this when I was a kid, so thought of making it again, but sort of different.

Odd Love Test: It was about a story of a single girl Rikki who saw a guy at the park she thinks is really attractive. This guy Jui was playing a game: the love test. The friend of Jui, Yuki and her workers that created “love test” wanted to see if Jui can get a random girl to love him. As soon as the girl falls in love with him, he should dump her right there and then. Every move he makes on Rikki is being video recorded. The more Jui got to know Rikki, the more he fell in love with her and couldn’t dump her like he’s supposed to in this “love test.” When Yuki found out that he’s actually in love with Rikki according to the recorded video, she had no choice but to…!! (unfinished)

The story was unfinished… I never found out what was supposed to happen in the end. *facerice*

But I thought it was weird. I didn’t really understand it. “WHAT WORKER!? IS THIS A COMPANY TO SEE HOW STUPID GUYS ARE SOMETIMES?” “No, it’s just to see how stupid you are.”

This time, the new story, is about…

Odd Love Test ~a taste of sweet revenge~: A girl named Ana gets dumped by her boyfriend Ken at her high school being told she’s too clingy and wants to be free from her. Ana was disappointed, thinking she didn’t do anything wrong and wanted him back, but her cousin Risa told her that she should make him jealous by getting with another guy.

Risa wants Ana to make the popular guy in her class, Rin, Ana’s fake boyfriend. Surprisingly, Rin accepts her fake confession. Risa says if Ken shows any signs of wanting Ana back, Ana should dump Rin, but Ana wonders if thats what she should really do, because she’s developing feelings for Rin. Now, she doesn’t know what to do, because there are two guys she can’t decide being with…!!

61Uh, something like that… Now I’m getting confused again. I feel like falling asleep because I don’t know what it’s about again. WHAT IS THIS STORY ABOUT AGAIN!? I DON’T EVEN—

IT… It just looks like a naive girl doesn’t know what she’s doing and doesn’t know what she wants… in life…

I wonder who the antagonist is… Ana’s cousin Risa… screwing up her love life? Risa wants to mess with her head and now Ana doesn’t know what to do with choosing Rin and Ken? I don’t know anymore! Maybe… she wants everyone to hate her if she dumps the popular guy…?

Okay, whatever. I’ll… fall asleep again and think of something. Thinking of complicated things makes me tired!

Wait… is this really that complicated?


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