It doesn’t make sense, or…? Plan or unplanned stories!

I’ve been having troubles with writing when I plan it out before I actually type the whole story out. But it’s weird how I have no troubles at all when I type random things without a plan. It’s like I plan it afterwards!?

“Are you an idiot? YOU HAVE TO PLAN.”
No. NO! Not anymore. ONLY AFTER I TYPE!”

I’ve actually done it several times without a plan and actually got things done… *stupid face*

Yes. YES I AM.”

I feel like just forgetting the current stories I made and type random things now. I FEEL like it. I probably won’t forget them. No. I CAN’T.

First, I tried typing up the dating sim Virtual Boyfriend: Secret Diary. FAIL.

Second, I tried to type the story I made in the past. FAIL.

Third, I tried writing in my notebook the story I made in the past. FAIL.

Last, I realized that I finished things without a plan at first. SUCCESS! I should write random things now. NAO!

I was thinking of ideas like crazy these past few days. I was even thinking of making a fan made Bleach and/or GinTama story or game whatever. But it think I’ll be doing something different… and I don’t know what it is! RANDOM TYPING TIME!


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