Amipon!? Well ok. New story. AGAIN.

When I visited this site again, I was all liek… WHY DAFAQ DID I NAME THIS SAIT AMIPAWWWNNN!?!?! It’s AMiPON! faggot. Get it right. Ok… UGH. Can i change it again gaiz? NO YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED!!! *cries in a dark corner* I do wonder though… why I put “making games for fun!” as a motto or something. I DIDN’T MAKE GAMES YET, DAMN YOU! AND PLUS. It looks like I don’t have an editor anymore. Am I my own editor now? I GUESS SO.  ANYWAYYYYYYYY I’m even still writing ANOTHER FACKING STORY. How many stories will I make and be UNFINISHED FOR LAIF!? Well the new one makes me think of complicated things or… something. It’s like something to do with a rose with… poisonous thorns and a magic spell. WTF IDK ANYMORE. But I was just… just… YOU KNOW WUT. I have to freewrite. It’s so hard for me to do that. WHY ARE YOU SO COMPLICATED. Okay, calm. I wanted to make an outline. Then I can freewrite liek a mothafackar. OKAY OUTLINE!! I already have a title, yo. The Curse of the Prince (or should it be The Prince’s Curse? Damnit I already made a logo fuuuuck)

  1. Intro (obviously)
    1. First, you go to school. And yea. You go to school.
    2. Making a new friend? AND SEE A FRIGGIN HAWT GUY.
    3. Finding that hawt guy like an uber stalker.
    4. Get infatuated by that hawt guy and say “DAMNIT I WANT HIM TO ************** ME!!” (that’s not really in the story sadly)
    5. He acts like he likes you but in reality HE DOESN’T. Whyohwhy…
    6. He walks you home and gives you a rose WITH MAGICAL POWERESSSS
    7. Then… AND THEN… IT HAPPENS. Wait, what happens? THE END.
  2. Next part, idk what.

You know… idk anymore!! Just still on the writing stage of the visual novel. I keep getting excited about the game and make tons of pictures and programming stuff. JUST WRITE THE FUCKING STORY LOL. Ah. Okay, I guess I’m done.


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