The Sunset? Just a short story!

This story is something i wrote when i was a kid. I wanna tweak it up a bit though! It’s called The Sunset!

One morning, I was on a ship headed to an island somewhere in the middle of the ocean. The ship we were on was as big as a four-story mansion! I was with some of my friends, a lot of my relatives, and my family. We packed food, clothes, shelter—like blankets, pillows, and some games to play—while we were on the ship.

I miss my home and everyone that didn’t come with us, because we’ll be there for a week. When the ship was ready to go, I was already bored. While we were sailing the ocean, I saw a lot of fog covering the horizon. I could barely see the sky.

A few hours later, the ship was going all over the place and losing its balance! I sat down on a chair going back and forth while playing games I brought with me. All of a sudden, the ship was tilting and my stomach was hurting! My friends didn’t feel a thing, because they’re all sleeping.

At sundown, I finished eating an early dinner and followed one of my friends to the outer front of the ship. I noticed most of my friends and family went back to their rooms looking like they don’t care about anything but sleep. The second I stopped and looked out, I saw a beautiful sunset. I noticed most of my friends and family went back to their rooms without caring about the scenery outside.


We finally got to our destination, and seeing the pretty sunset on that attractive island was definitely paradise. I still enjoyed it when everyone woke up, and it became more exciting when we were all together. My friends, family, and I headed to our hotel rooms, but I had to take one more look towards the ocean before that pretty sight goes all the way down.

Looking out my hotel room’s window, it already became dark, but I still have that sunset stuck in my head like gum. I went to sleep that night and hoped I will continue to remember that horizon tomorrow and in the future. But tomorrow… I’ll have fun the whole day at the beach!!

THE END! Sadly, I don’t remember the sunset from that long ago. Booooooo. AND I don’t remember that memory of going on the ship with my friends and family. WELL THAT SUCKS.


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