My story was—oh hey, what about this!?

I was at first going to make a creepy story about a girl who lost her memory and figures out who she is and the people around her. She thinks they’re friends, but they’re actually… the ones who tried to KILL HER OMG! 

Then, my dad told me a funny story about a guy leaving a really good company making billions of dollars, and he left before it became famous. Everyone was trying to look for him so they can give him the money since he was co-founder (OH CRAP I FORGOT WHAT IT WAS REALLY ABOUT). It’s called Clear History. The way my dad described it was hilarious…

Before the co-founder guy knew about how much the founder of the company wanted to give him money, he had a big grudge how the company flourished because of the first electronic car ever (I think), Howard. Co-founder was like,


And everything was so random it seemed. The founder—I’ll name him Bob—hired so many people to find him and the co-founder—I’ll name him Tom—STILL had the big grudge on the founder… until he found out Bob wanted to give Tom 10% of the billions of dollars earned.

Well… it doesn’t seem funny when I explain it. Seriously, I don’t want to write that all down UGH. But anyway. The reason why I just said all that… was because instead of making a creepy story WHICH I’M NOT QUITE GOOD AT, I’ll end up making something random. Then it eventually turns into an actual story! More like, the characters are making the story I suppose?

BLAH. I don’t know. I was thinking of something random too. A girl did something stupid and gained a lot of popularity and then got into an accident. After that, she had amnesia and doesn’t know anything anymore! So she finds out… ;sdfouhzl;ngz;drofgh I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE.

I TOTALLY had it earlier. Now, I lost it because I FARCKING TRIED SO HARD to type out what Clear History was about. Good job.


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