R18 stories? Are you kidding me…!?

I suddenly had the strange urge to type up a short erotic story *facepalm* I remember once my mom saw all my erotica years ago and got mad saying that I will only attract scary old men if they read them. LOL well. If THAT IS SO… I attempted to make a separate account for erotic stories and/or drawings/digital art… *facedesk*

I got super excited again that I ended up making random erotic CG game art– I mean, ecchi. Since the Manga Maker ComiPo! is limited and doesn’t have nude character models, IT’S HARD TO MAKE PORN!! But I think I’ll be able to go as far as this…

(This is so erotic that I should have censored it!)

But anyway, I already have an idea for it! And…


The beach is liek. DA BEST PLACE EVAR to start porning (yes. porn. ing. porning is a verb.)

There’s gotta be cake! If there’s no cake, it can’t be a porno! LOL. Specifically, a delicious STRAWBERRY CAKE. Kinky, right? *facewall* The first few sentences I’ll write in the story can go like something like this…!! Maybe…!!

It’s a very hot day at the beach, and it was a mistake to wear such thick clothing. Although I’m wearing shorts, my thick long sleeved shirt is doing it’s duty (wut?). Right now, I’m desperate to enter into a refrigerator. The large slice of cake I’m holding on a small plate looks as if it’s dying to be in the cold as well. All of its icing is melting so much that it’s starting to crawl off the plate and on to my bare legs. The icing creeping down my leg feels so strange. It’s as if ………

DAMNIT I fail to make use of the cake. LOL, I don’t even know how I succeeded making short erotica when I was 13 years old. Like, how… is it possible… that I fail now…!?!?!

Erm. Okay. Let’s give it a try. Like writing in a diary. About what I fantasize. That should be easy enough…


How many times…!! THIS STORY!!

(I almost forgot my password…)

I don’t remember the last time I actually finished a story. WHY have I NOT!? I made a new one about some girl. Trying to be successful!! Because I’M TRYING TO, DAMNIT!

Well, I at least made some of the characters but then I keep changing my mind because of some stuff I’ve seen in other stories. I’m like, HAY DIS IS MAI STORIE. Why am I trying to copy other stories? UGH. Pain in the ARSE.

OK MAYBE… if it makes it easier…
I’ll just write a story like I’m writing in a blog such as this. Yea. Then I’ll go back and rewrite it. Yea. Sounds good. Cuz I type faster if it’s like… a journal.

SOMEONE PUNISH ME if I fail this time.

So the thing with this story, I already typed a lot of it up in the Ren’Py visual novel maker thing. I included choices to choose from like for example…

“If I want to look successful, I should…”

  1. Apply for a job
  2. Find a sugar daddy
  3. Buy stylish clothes
  4. Ask advice from a friend

Something like that! And then some random COOL Computer Graphic ART!



I made too many random artwork for the story… am I even gonna finish it!?