R18 stories? Are you kidding me…!?

I suddenly had the strange urge to type up a short erotic story *facepalm* I remember once my mom saw all my erotica years ago and got mad saying that I will only attract scary old men if they read them. LOL well. If THAT IS SO… I attempted to make a separate account for erotic stories and/or drawings/digital art… *facedesk*

I got super excited again that I ended up making random erotic CG game art– I mean, ecchi. Since the Manga Maker ComiPo! is limited and doesn’t have nude character models, IT’S HARD TO MAKE PORN!! But I think I’ll be able to go as far as this…

(This is so erotic that I should have censored it!)

But anyway, I already have an idea for it! And…


The beach is liek. DA BEST PLACE EVAR to start porning (yes. porn. ing. porning is a verb.)

There’s gotta be cake! If there’s no cake, it can’t be a porno! LOL. Specifically, a delicious STRAWBERRY CAKE. Kinky, right? *facewall* The first few sentences I’ll write in the story can go like something like this…!! Maybe…!!

It’s a very hot day at the beach, and it was a mistake to wear such thick clothing. Although I’m wearing shorts, my thick long sleeved shirt is doing it’s duty (wut?). Right now, I’m desperate to enter into a refrigerator. The large slice of cake I’m holding on a small plate looks as if it’s dying to be in the cold as well. All of its icing is melting so much that it’s starting to crawl off the plate and on to my bare legs. The icing creeping down my leg feels so strange. It’s as if ………

DAMNIT I fail to make use of the cake. LOL, I don’t even know how I succeeded making short erotica when I was 13 years old. Like, how… is it possible… that I fail now…!?!?!

Erm. Okay. Let’s give it a try. Like writing in a diary. About what I fantasize. That should be easy enough…


How many times…!! THIS STORY!!

(I almost forgot my password…)

I don’t remember the last time I actually finished a story. WHY have I NOT!? I made a new one about some girl. Trying to be successful!! Because I’M TRYING TO, DAMNIT!

Well, I at least made some of the characters but then I keep changing my mind because of some stuff I’ve seen in other stories. I’m like, HAY DIS IS MAI STORIE. Why am I trying to copy other stories? UGH. Pain in the ARSE.

OK MAYBE… if it makes it easier…
I’ll just write a story like I’m writing in a blog such as this. Yea. Then I’ll go back and rewrite it. Yea. Sounds good. Cuz I type faster if it’s like… a journal.

SOMEONE PUNISH ME if I fail this time.

So the thing with this story, I already typed a lot of it up in the Ren’Py visual novel maker thing. I included choices to choose from like for example…

“If I want to look successful, I should…”

  1. Apply for a job
  2. Find a sugar daddy
  3. Buy stylish clothes
  4. Ask advice from a friend

Something like that! And then some random COOL Computer Graphic ART!



I made too many random artwork for the story… am I even gonna finish it!?


My story was—oh hey, what about this!?

I was at first going to make a creepy story about a girl who lost her memory and figures out who she is and the people around her. She thinks they’re friends, but they’re actually… the ones who tried to KILL HER OMG! 

Then, my dad told me a funny story about a guy leaving a really good company making billions of dollars, and he left before it became famous. Everyone was trying to look for him so they can give him the money since he was co-founder (OH CRAP I FORGOT WHAT IT WAS REALLY ABOUT). It’s called Clear History. The way my dad described it was hilarious…

Before the co-founder guy knew about how much the founder of the company wanted to give him money, he had a big grudge how the company flourished because of the first electronic car ever (I think), Howard. Co-founder was like,


And everything was so random it seemed. The founder—I’ll name him Bob—hired so many people to find him and the co-founder—I’ll name him Tom—STILL had the big grudge on the founder… until he found out Bob wanted to give Tom 10% of the billions of dollars earned.

Well… it doesn’t seem funny when I explain it. Seriously, I don’t want to write that all down UGH. But anyway. The reason why I just said all that… was because instead of making a creepy story WHICH I’M NOT QUITE GOOD AT, I’ll end up making something random. Then it eventually turns into an actual story! More like, the characters are making the story I suppose?

BLAH. I don’t know. I was thinking of something random too. A girl did something stupid and gained a lot of popularity and then got into an accident. After that, she had amnesia and doesn’t know anything anymore! So she finds out… ;sdfouhzl;ngz;drofgh I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE.

I TOTALLY had it earlier. Now, I lost it because I FARCKING TRIED SO HARD to type out what Clear History was about. Good job.

This 2nd person narration… not used to it!

SRSLY. I keep writing a story, then deleting it, the writing a new one, then deleting again. I think this will be a never ending cycle of writing and deleting stories. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN!?

Idk, cuz you’re liek 2tly a betch?
SHYADDAP. If I’m a betch then you’re a betch too, BETCH.

But the new story I was writing is in second person narration. Didn’t put a title on it yet. I actually haven’t written a full story in second person before. It’s usually first person. I SUCK AT THIRD PERSON NARRATION. But I was inspired to write a story in second person. It’s because of Choice of Games! I especially like their game Choice of Romance. It was my favorite… a while back. Yes. DAMNIT I WANTED MOAAARRR!!!

SO I’m planning on making/writing a game with tons of choices like choice of games. It seems fun for some reason. I just hope it turns out well!

What if people get bored because there’s so many choices?
No! You lie! I like many choices. SO SHOULD YOU.
I’d rather read a kinetic visual novel than have too many choices.
Well… well then…

Of course, I gotta write a full on story before having a lot of choices. If there’s no story… yeah… it would definitely be boring. Probably just gonna be like (if no real story)… for example…

“You’re walking. You can’t stop. How should you stop!?

  1. Kill yourself.
  2. Trip on something.
  3. Grab onto a really heavy object.


Wait, how did I lose? I DIDN’T PICK ANYTHING.

BLAH. Whatevers. I’ll continue my nonsensical story in a few…

Gender bending? Does that count as a GxB game?

This picture looks… sort of wrong. BUT. It’s a picture of a story trading places with your friend! And he’s all like “Hey you, LET ME GET BACK IN MY BODY, DAMNIT!”

So, the male character becomes a female character. Now, I don’t know if this should be a BxG or GxB game. WHICH IS IT!? The guy turned into a girl. Now, I’m confused. Why am I always confused with my storylines!? SO CONFUSING.

Anyway, with this story, I’m just gonna write random things unlike the other stories I’ve been writing. Because… everything might flow… if I don’t know what I’m doing… if that even makes sense.

I don’t even know why I posted this small post, but I did. Randomly. Now, I’m tired. *passes out*

It doesn’t make sense, or…? Plan or unplanned stories!

I’ve been having troubles with writing when I plan it out before I actually type the whole story out. But it’s weird how I have no troubles at all when I type random things without a plan. It’s like I plan it afterwards!?

“Are you an idiot? YOU HAVE TO PLAN.”
No. NO! Not anymore. ONLY AFTER I TYPE!”

I’ve actually done it several times without a plan and actually got things done… *stupid face*

Yes. YES I AM.”

I feel like just forgetting the current stories I made and type random things now. I FEEL like it. I probably won’t forget them. No. I CAN’T.

First, I tried typing up the dating sim Virtual Boyfriend: Secret Diary. FAIL.

Second, I tried to type the story I made in the past. FAIL.

Third, I tried writing in my notebook the story I made in the past. FAIL.

Last, I realized that I finished things without a plan at first. SUCCESS! I should write random things now. NAO!

I was thinking of ideas like crazy these past few days. I was even thinking of making a fan made Bleach and/or GinTama story or game whatever. But it think I’ll be doing something different… and I don’t know what it is! RANDOM TYPING TIME!

Outlining, writing, and more writing…

Finally, I actually made an outline for the new game/visual novel, Odd Love Test ~a taste of sweet revenge~. Sort of changed a few things. As usual, I’m struggling with making the characters’ personalities. BUT anyway…

Ana gets captivated by Rin, who she met at the school roof, and when her boyfriend Ken sees them together, he misunderstands the situation and thinks she’s cheating on him. The two broke up and Ana wanted revenge to show that he will regret breaking up with her. Ana’s cousin Risa made a “love test” to see if Ken still has feelings for her by having a fake (popular) boyfriend, Rin and looking as if she happy with him when in actuality she has no feelings for him, but will that “love test” really succeed?

Erm, I hope that synopsis wasn’t too confusing. I got the outline down, but not the synopsis. How the story will go…

  1. Prologue: Dreaming about… what will happen in the future!
  2. Chapter 1: The break up? The “new boyfriend?”
  3. Chapter 2: Ken’s thoughts about what just happened.
  4. Chapter 3: How Ana acts with fake boyfriend
  5. Chapter 4: Ken’s thoughts about the two of them and what he does next
  6. Chapter 5: What the “love test” really is about
  7. Chapter 6: Is this fake boyfriend… not fake after all!?
  8. Chapter 7: Ken really doesn’t like seeing Ana with her “new boyfriend!”
  9. Epilogue: What will happen next!? Ken or Rin!?
  10. Several separate endings!

Wait, this is an outline right? IT IZ RAIT!? *gets stressed and passes out*

2As of now, the writing seems super boring. BUT. It’s just the draft for now. So… I think I’ll rewrite it however many times necessary, fix it up, once I’m finished writing the first time.

But seriously…


I don’t get it. It must be because of the “break up.” Plus the relationship (dull relationship). How can I write a dull relationship more exciting? I DUN FACKING KNOE.

I’m not sure if this is an otome game/visual novel anymore (GxB game) because there’s going to be 2 narrators, Ana and Ken (girl and boy) which means… GxB and BxG. How… does that… happen…!? It’s partially otome? ……………………..WHATEVER.

After all the writing I was doing with Virtual Boyfriend: Secret Diary NAO I haz 2 RAIT MOAR AGEN for a different game…

BLARGHH. *falls on bed and becomes a hibernating bear*