This 2nd person narration… not used to it!

SRSLY. I keep writing a story, then deleting it, the writing a new one, then deleting again. I think this will be a never ending cycle of writing and deleting stories. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN!?

Idk, cuz you’re liek 2tly a betch?
SHYADDAP. If I’m a betch then you’re a betch too, BETCH.

But the new story I was writing is in second person narration. Didn’t put a title on it yet. I actually haven’t written a full story in second person before. It’s usually first person. I SUCK AT THIRD PERSON NARRATION. But I was inspired to write a story in second person. It’s because of Choice of Games! I especially like their game Choice of Romance. It was my favorite… a while back. Yes. DAMNIT I WANTED MOAAARRR!!!

SO I’m planning on making/writing a game with tons of choices like choice of games. It seems fun for some reason. I just hope it turns out well!

What if people get bored because there’s so many choices?
No! You lie! I like many choices. SO SHOULD YOU.
I’d rather read a kinetic visual novel than have too many choices.
Well… well then…

Of course, I gotta write a full on story before having a lot of choices. If there’s no story… yeah… it would definitely be boring. Probably just gonna be like (if no real story)… for example…

“You’re walking. You can’t stop. How should you stop!?

  1. Kill yourself.
  2. Trip on something.
  3. Grab onto a really heavy object.


Wait, how did I lose? I DIDN’T PICK ANYTHING.

BLAH. Whatevers. I’ll continue my nonsensical story in a few…


Amipon!? Well ok. New story. AGAIN.

When I visited this site again, I was all liek… WHY DAFAQ DID I NAME THIS SAIT AMIPAWWWNNN!?!?! It’s AMiPON! faggot. Get it right. Ok… UGH. Can i change it again gaiz? NO YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED!!! *cries in a dark corner* I do wonder though… why I put “making games for fun!” as a motto or something. I DIDN’T MAKE GAMES YET, DAMN YOU! AND PLUS. It looks like I don’t have an editor anymore. Am I my own editor now? I GUESS SO.  ANYWAYYYYYYYY I’m even still writing ANOTHER FACKING STORY. How many stories will I make and be UNFINISHED FOR LAIF!? Well the new one makes me think of complicated things or… something. It’s like something to do with a rose with… poisonous thorns and a magic spell. WTF IDK ANYMORE. But I was just… just… YOU KNOW WUT. I have to freewrite. It’s so hard for me to do that. WHY ARE YOU SO COMPLICATED. Okay, calm. I wanted to make an outline. Then I can freewrite liek a mothafackar. OKAY OUTLINE!! I already have a title, yo. The Curse of the Prince (or should it be The Prince’s Curse? Damnit I already made a logo fuuuuck)

  1. Intro (obviously)
    1. First, you go to school. And yea. You go to school.
    2. Making a new friend? AND SEE A FRIGGIN HAWT GUY.
    3. Finding that hawt guy like an uber stalker.
    4. Get infatuated by that hawt guy and say “DAMNIT I WANT HIM TO ************** ME!!” (that’s not really in the story sadly)
    5. He acts like he likes you but in reality HE DOESN’T. Whyohwhy…
    6. He walks you home and gives you a rose WITH MAGICAL POWERESSSS
    7. Then… AND THEN… IT HAPPENS. Wait, what happens? THE END.
  2. Next part, idk what.

You know… idk anymore!! Just still on the writing stage of the visual novel. I keep getting excited about the game and make tons of pictures and programming stuff. JUST WRITE THE FUCKING STORY LOL. Ah. Okay, I guess I’m done.

Gender bending? Does that count as a GxB game?

This picture looks… sort of wrong. BUT. It’s a picture of a story trading places with your friend! And he’s all like “Hey you, LET ME GET BACK IN MY BODY, DAMNIT!”

So, the male character becomes a female character. Now, I don’t know if this should be a BxG or GxB game. WHICH IS IT!? The guy turned into a girl. Now, I’m confused. Why am I always confused with my storylines!? SO CONFUSING.

Anyway, with this story, I’m just gonna write random things unlike the other stories I’ve been writing. Because… everything might flow… if I don’t know what I’m doing… if that even makes sense.

I don’t even know why I posted this small post, but I did. Randomly. Now, I’m tired. *passes out*

It doesn’t make sense, or…? Plan or unplanned stories!

I’ve been having troubles with writing when I plan it out before I actually type the whole story out. But it’s weird how I have no troubles at all when I type random things without a plan. It’s like I plan it afterwards!?

“Are you an idiot? YOU HAVE TO PLAN.”
No. NO! Not anymore. ONLY AFTER I TYPE!”

I’ve actually done it several times without a plan and actually got things done… *stupid face*

Yes. YES I AM.”

I feel like just forgetting the current stories I made and type random things now. I FEEL like it. I probably won’t forget them. No. I CAN’T.

First, I tried typing up the dating sim Virtual Boyfriend: Secret Diary. FAIL.

Second, I tried to type the story I made in the past. FAIL.

Third, I tried writing in my notebook the story I made in the past. FAIL.

Last, I realized that I finished things without a plan at first. SUCCESS! I should write random things now. NAO!

I was thinking of ideas like crazy these past few days. I was even thinking of making a fan made Bleach and/or GinTama story or game whatever. But it think I’ll be doing something different… and I don’t know what it is! RANDOM TYPING TIME!

Outlining, writing, and more writing…

Finally, I actually made an outline for the new game/visual novel, Odd Love Test ~a taste of sweet revenge~. Sort of changed a few things. As usual, I’m struggling with making the characters’ personalities. BUT anyway…

Ana gets captivated by Rin, who she met at the school roof, and when her boyfriend Ken sees them together, he misunderstands the situation and thinks she’s cheating on him. The two broke up and Ana wanted revenge to show that he will regret breaking up with her. Ana’s cousin Risa made a “love test” to see if Ken still has feelings for her by having a fake (popular) boyfriend, Rin and looking as if she happy with him when in actuality she has no feelings for him, but will that “love test” really succeed?

Erm, I hope that synopsis wasn’t too confusing. I got the outline down, but not the synopsis. How the story will go…

  1. Prologue: Dreaming about… what will happen in the future!
  2. Chapter 1: The break up? The “new boyfriend?”
  3. Chapter 2: Ken’s thoughts about what just happened.
  4. Chapter 3: How Ana acts with fake boyfriend
  5. Chapter 4: Ken’s thoughts about the two of them and what he does next
  6. Chapter 5: What the “love test” really is about
  7. Chapter 6: Is this fake boyfriend… not fake after all!?
  8. Chapter 7: Ken really doesn’t like seeing Ana with her “new boyfriend!”
  9. Epilogue: What will happen next!? Ken or Rin!?
  10. Several separate endings!

Wait, this is an outline right? IT IZ RAIT!? *gets stressed and passes out*

2As of now, the writing seems super boring. BUT. It’s just the draft for now. So… I think I’ll rewrite it however many times necessary, fix it up, once I’m finished writing the first time.

But seriously…


I don’t get it. It must be because of the “break up.” Plus the relationship (dull relationship). How can I write a dull relationship more exciting? I DUN FACKING KNOE.

I’m not sure if this is an otome game/visual novel anymore (GxB game) because there’s going to be 2 narrators, Ana and Ken (girl and boy) which means… GxB and BxG. How… does that… happen…!? It’s partially otome? ……………………..WHATEVER.

After all the writing I was doing with Virtual Boyfriend: Secret Diary NAO I haz 2 RAIT MOAR AGEN for a different game…

BLARGHH. *falls on bed and becomes a hibernating bear*

Odd Love Test ~a taste of sweet revenge~

“Odd Love Test ~a taste of sweet revenge~”

Developer: AMiPON!
License: CC-BY-NC (Non-commercial)
Genre: Romantic comedy, Visual novel
Rating: 12+
Release Date: TBA
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Engine: Ren’Py

Ana just broke up with her boyfriend Ken and her cousin Risa made a “love test” to see if Ken still loves her. Will that “love test” really work, or will she end up falling in love with someone else?

*to be updated*

I don’t understand this storyline.

Was trying to write something different from the boring-esque storyline into a weird type of storyline. I don’t even understand it myself! But it has to do with a time-traveling rose. Why is the rose a time-traveling rose!? I don’t get it.

The main character opens a box with stuff from last year and finds an old journal entry. She opens it up and each page was faded and looked like the entries were unfinished. On each page, a rose petal was imprinted. It was a weird red color as if it were some sort of poison, but she was curious about it and touched it. Then it was if her fingers were being sucked in touching the imprinted rose petal.

Strangely, she entered a strange room she doesn’t remember seeing before. Around her was the smell of roses, an intoxicating aroma in the air. Ahead of her was a man with a crystal ball—a psychic who tells her the future of this world. She was told she always visits him to ask for her daily readings, but this month (February 2012) is different. The man tells her that she will find love this month and gives her a strange rose that looks as if a spell was cast on it.

Her fingers get sucked into the thorns and bleed, as if forming a pact with the rose.58The man and the room disappeared and the rose she was holding suddenly turned into a red pen, thinking holding a rose was just her imagination. But it wasn’t. Her finger tips have marks on them like she really was pierced by the rose thorns. She thought the pen was weird and threw it somewhere!

When she went out of that room, it was almost like all of her memories were lost, including where her home was. Except she actually appears in front of the house and her mother who was out fixing her front yard tells her why she isn’t in school.

This is really… confusing to me. I’m not sure how to write this all out. But the girl is supposed to go to school and doesn’t remember anything, like where to go and what to do, until she meets someone who knows that she’s supposed to go to her specific class and what not.

The previous story I was writing was just reminiscing about the past and getting new journal entries. But this story, she actually time travels! Then she finds that the pages in her journal at home (when she comes back) are all blank. The pen that she threw out was right next to the journal for some reason! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!? A burglar found the pen and went into her room to put it next to her journal. LOL I don’t know anymore!

Sum1 haz 2 HALP MEE wit dis STORY!! *gives up and falls asleep*