Yes… I finally realized
in a story. It’s no wonder I’ve been struggling… for a very long time *facepaperbag*

Yes. I made another new story. For the I-don’t-know-th TIME!! It’s basically about a girl… who is a lost cause… “what is love!? I FORGAT!

And so, I sort of thought the story was really dumb. I never thought of the antagonist first. I’ve been making the main character/protagonist and then I was like…

Well fack! If you don’t know, I’LL NEVER KNOW THE PURPOSE IN WRITING LAIF!!

And so, I was sad and put my head in a white paper bag. No, that didn’t really happen, but it happened in my thoughts.

And so… okay. Right now, I’m making the antagonist a female bully of the protagonist’s high school/classroom. It sounds so cliche though. Or… does it not!? But yes, a bully, and she makes what the story is supposed to be ALLLLL ABOUTTT!! but what I was doing with the antagonist is making her really jealous of the protagonist and yes… bullies her. Because. The protagonist has EVERYTHING the antagonist ever wants! Like…

  1. A sexy guy friend (the bully only has girl friends and just dates random guys…?)
  2. A hot older brother (the bully doesn’t have an older brother or treats her nicely)
  3. A super cute secret admirer (the bully doesn’t… quite have that. A lot of kids are scared of her)
  4. A TRUE best friend (the bully only has… fake friends who follow her around)

Not sure if those sound realistic, but OH WELL! But the thing is… how will this person start out the story? Something like revenge? Something like… provocation? SOMETHING. The story has been struggling with finding a true storyline. It’s like… it doesn’t exist yet. I was going to do…

HAY let’s get the protagonist to get rejected by her crush!
and think love is a friggin LIE afterall!!
But… THAT doesn’t seem much of an impact, does it?

Yea. I thought of how to write the prologue too. It seems, that I… have to research about prologues… And the prologue sounds like crapper-knuckles!! I’m just going to… make the antagonist then. Yes. I’ll go do that now…


Outlining, writing, and more writing…

Finally, I actually made an outline for the new game/visual novel, Odd Love Test ~a taste of sweet revenge~. Sort of changed a few things. As usual, I’m struggling with making the characters’ personalities. BUT anyway…

Ana gets captivated by Rin, who she met at the school roof, and when her boyfriend Ken sees them together, he misunderstands the situation and thinks she’s cheating on him. The two broke up and Ana wanted revenge to show that he will regret breaking up with her. Ana’s cousin Risa made a “love test” to see if Ken still has feelings for her by having a fake (popular) boyfriend, Rin and looking as if she happy with him when in actuality she has no feelings for him, but will that “love test” really succeed?

Erm, I hope that synopsis wasn’t too confusing. I got the outline down, but not the synopsis. How the story will go…

  1. Prologue: Dreaming about… what will happen in the future!
  2. Chapter 1: The break up? The “new boyfriend?”
  3. Chapter 2: Ken’s thoughts about what just happened.
  4. Chapter 3: How Ana acts with fake boyfriend
  5. Chapter 4: Ken’s thoughts about the two of them and what he does next
  6. Chapter 5: What the “love test” really is about
  7. Chapter 6: Is this fake boyfriend… not fake after all!?
  8. Chapter 7: Ken really doesn’t like seeing Ana with her “new boyfriend!”
  9. Epilogue: What will happen next!? Ken or Rin!?
  10. Several separate endings!

Wait, this is an outline right? IT IZ RAIT!? *gets stressed and passes out*

2As of now, the writing seems super boring. BUT. It’s just the draft for now. So… I think I’ll rewrite it however many times necessary, fix it up, once I’m finished writing the first time.

But seriously…


I don’t get it. It must be because of the “break up.” Plus the relationship (dull relationship). How can I write a dull relationship more exciting? I DUN FACKING KNOE.

I’m not sure if this is an otome game/visual novel anymore (GxB game) because there’s going to be 2 narrators, Ana and Ken (girl and boy) which means… GxB and BxG. How… does that… happen…!? It’s partially otome? ……………………..WHATEVER.

After all the writing I was doing with Virtual Boyfriend: Secret Diary NAO I haz 2 RAIT MOAR AGEN for a different game…

BLARGHH. *falls on bed and becomes a hibernating bear*

Making a story with character personalities?

Just looked at a deviantART page saying how to create a story through a character. This is supposedly by a disney artist, Brian Kesinger. It will probably help for writers who struggle with character development!


Itsuka: Don’t you think this sunset is wonderful? *blissful smile*
Shinji: No. Bye. *hurries away from Itsuka with a straight face*
Itsuka: ……………FINE!! Be that way!! *sits on grass feeling alone*

I’ll hope I’m doing it right. I’ll try it out on my story. Or maybe I’ve been doing that and haven’t noticed? So, type up how the character feels in a situation? Sort of?

Virtual Boyfriend Secret Diary is getting dull, so maybe it’s the characters that need to be worked on! I keep changing the personalities of my characters, because I’m not sure how they’re supposed to be like especially the male characters…!!

  1. Itsuka Sasaki, cheerful and childish. Has a habit of saying things out loud (her thoughts) and is a bit of a klutz.
  2. Mana Shimizu, energetic and sociable, until her “belongings” (such as her friends) get taken away from her. Jealous at times and has temper tantrums.
  3. Yuko Nakamura, gentle and caring, like a mother to her friends (or maybe everyone!). Can be very soft-spoken at times and passive.
  4. Shinji Kimura, stubborn and dishonest. It takes a lot of courage for him to say his true feelings. Sometimes can be competitive and likes to win.
  5. Ren Inoue, mostly shy and nervous. He has a calm and collected front, but tends to not speak and try to be “nonexistent.”
  6. Ichiro Tanaka, playful and outgoing. He can be narcissistic and selfish when it comes to things he sees attractive.
  7. Rikuo Okamoto, friendly and mellow. He’s usually seen walking around the school without any reason and may look like a dimwit.

Those are pretty much the main characters. I’m not sure if I used the right words to describe the characters, like childish and cheerful or whatever. But I guess those words at least kind of describe those characters.

So, if I make the story with these characters and those certain personality traits, I wonder how the story would be like…!! *starts to write again after a 1 and 1/2 day break*

Some sort of gameplay! Cosplay cafe!?

So earlier, I was writing up an outline on how the dating sim/story whatever goes for Virtual Boyfriend: Secret Diary. Along the way I’m liek, “what if there was a school-girl cosplay cafe!?” I couldn’t make any wardrobe changes in comipo, they’re all school uniforms, and the main character Itsuka has to work and get money to buy food and such for each meal to get energy!

Since it’s work, she has to put on a new uniform different from the one she’s wearing. That includes a wig! That way… no one… recognizes her. EXCEPT. For her father. LOL.44And so. I was at first thinking of making this as a little mini game where you can walk around the place and serve people and stuff, but it seemed complicated to make a mini game like that when this is just a non-commercial game *sad face*

Or it can be like… there are several customers in the cafe, and you can just choose one of them, and then! Serve them and talk with them about… stuff… if i get a really good programmer who doesn’t mind not getting paid to do that… then it would be cools~

I got another editor! She’s my friend I’ve known for a while and has helped me a lot, and it seems like she can help me also when my other editor is out of touch. But I’m assuming… she’ll be overwhelmed with reading the entire story, which is gonna be really long (she’s still a teenager, but is really good with helping me out). So, I’ll just have my other editor read all that shieeet whenever she’s available.

But maybe she’ll say something about the little mini game. Because she likes games too. Maybe I should leave it out, maybe I shouldn’t. BAH I’m just rambling wtf.

His personality type…???

I’ve been having some trouble with making a personality type or whatever. Like, I want to make my guy character Shinji from my story with this Tsundere personality. An example situation… 33_002“Shinji, can you get me my eraser? I can’t get it and it’s on your side—”
I don’t care. Just walk over here and get it yourself.”
“But I said… I said I can’t get it…!!
“Well, I said GET IT. YOURSELF. It isn’t that hard to get up from your seat, walk over here, and pick it up. THEN go back to your seat.”
“…….B-but the teacher is gonna—”
“THEN DON’T GET IT. It’s simple, right? Or are you an idiot and can’t understand just that?”

I wanna try to remake a part of the “waking up in class” scene, because it seemed like the female protagonist was the tsundere and not the… whatever she is… non-tsundere… “clueless girl?”

“S-sorry!! I just woke up from a bad dream!” I reply nervously looking at my classmates—some were giggling or dosing off and don’t even care at all.

But my classmate on my right seems to laugh at me so obviously. He didn’t even try to hide it. I’m sure what he’s doing right now is intentional. His eyes are even focused right on me as he laughs. What’s his problem anyway? What did I even do to him to make him act this way towards me?

It’s Shinji, the guy I recently met this semester. We started talking in the middle of our second term of my second year in high school. I never noticed him until now. Maybe it’s because I never sat next to him. If I did earlier, then I probably would’ve talked to him before. But even if I talked to him, he’d probably still act mean to me.

“You sure that was a bad dream? Heh. I bet you were dreaming of—”

“It’s…!! It’s none of your beeswax what I dream of!!”

I don’t know why he finds it so fun to bully me this way. I wonder if he has ever done this to other people, more specifically, to other girls in school. I’m trying to get used to it… “trying…” That way, I might not get affected by his teasing anymore.

He stopped for a little bit during the teacher’s boring monotone lecture. How can anyone stand listening to his voice? I’m pretty sure my classmates couldn’t. Of course, I was right. Most of them were talking to their friends, dosing off or actually sleeping, looking out the window, and doodling in their notebooks like I’m about to do.

Taking out my notebook from my bag, opened it up, and started drawing in it. “Shinji… is… a— Oops!”

I drop my eraser on the ground and try to pick it up, but I’m so clumsy that I even drop my notebook next to Shinji, showing a picture of him being stabbed to death by me with the words “Shinji is a dumb…”

“Ah. So, that’s what you think of me?” He smiles at me but it twitches just a little bit. When he grabs my notebook, I expected he give it back, but I was wrong. Completely wrong.

“Hey! What are you doing!? That’s my notebook! You can’t do whatever you want with it!”

His eyes give me a stare of hatred and rip out the page I drew of him in pieces until no one can make out what was drawn on it. “Here’s your notebook. But you should get your eraser yourself.”

“What!? They’re both on your side! Just give both to me…”

*facepalm* I think they’re both idiots. I’m confused about the female protagonist, Itsuka’s character personality. I don’t know what she is! This is complicated. Complicated to make personalities!

I’ll think of it later I guess. I suddenly got tired.