R18 stories? Are you kidding me…!?

I suddenly had the strange urge to type up a short erotic story *facepalm* I remember once my mom saw all my erotica years ago and got mad saying that I will only attract scary old men if they read them. LOL well. If THAT IS SO… I attempted to make a separate account for erotic stories and/or drawings/digital art… *facedesk*

I got super excited again that I ended up making random erotic CG game art– I mean, ecchi. Since the Manga Maker ComiPo! is limited and doesn’t have nude character models, IT’S HARD TO MAKE PORN!! But I think I’ll be able to go as far as this…

(This is so erotic that I should have censored it!)

But anyway, I already have an idea for it! And…


The beach is liek. DA BEST PLACE EVAR to start porning (yes. porn. ing. porning is a verb.)

There’s gotta be cake! If there’s no cake, it can’t be a porno! LOL. Specifically, a delicious STRAWBERRY CAKE. Kinky, right? *facewall* The first few sentences I’ll write in the story can go like something like this…!! Maybe…!!

It’s a very hot day at the beach, and it was a mistake to wear such thick clothing. Although I’m wearing shorts, my thick long sleeved shirt is doing it’s duty (wut?). Right now, I’m desperate to enter into a refrigerator. The large slice of cake I’m holding on a small plate looks as if it’s dying to be in the cold as well. All of its icing is melting so much that it’s starting to crawl off the plate and on to my bare legs. The icing creeping down my leg feels so strange. It’s as if ………

DAMNIT I fail to make use of the cake. LOL, I don’t even know how I succeeded making short erotica when I was 13 years old. Like, how… is it possible… that I fail now…!?!?!

Erm. Okay. Let’s give it a try. Like writing in a diary. About what I fantasize. That should be easy enough…


I couldn’t concentrate on writing… I made part of the GUI…!!

BAH. I shouldn’t be doing this. Dating sim GUI… I already made a GUI for Virtual Boyfriend Secret Diary when I’m supposed to friggin WRITE. I’m messing around too much. I gotz to concentrate!

The GUI that I made using ComiPo!… it looks really childish and unorganized. BECAUSE. I’m not an amazing GUI artist. But I think it looks decent for some reason. Maybe it’s meant to look childish!?

config1I had fun putting in the text…

  1. Go back: back to playing the game
  2. Leave session: main menu/top
  3. Leave 4 EVER: quit game
  4. Diary, don’t look!: list of journal entries
  5. (drawing of Aries the Ram): daily horoscope readings
  6. erase: erase what’s on the board
  7. draw: draw anything on the board with white chalk
  8. color: color in your drawings on the board with pink chalk
  9. status: your status…?
  10. bag: inventory! food? money? other stuff
  11. extra: extra stuff…?

I’m just not experienced enough to actually put in all the coding… UGH. I just wanted to make this. It might change but whatever~

Aside from that! I wrote 10,012 words! I have a feeling this game might be more than just 30,000 words. Because… prologue = 405 words, day 1 = 8,385 words, day 2 = 1,202 words. There are 15 days. And the intro with day 1 and 2 are already 10k. So what would that mean…

Each day (Feb 1 to 15) might be 8k words… that equals…

*cough cough* “WHAT!? Do I need to write over 120,000 words!?”
“Yes. Yes you do. So that means… STAHP PROCRASTINATING!!
“Then you might finish it by 2016, not 2015!”
NO, BITCH! I’ll finish it! I’ll find people who like to do programmy-arty shit without being paid to finish this all!!”
“Well, good luck doing that… when you do.”
“…………………….do you really mean good luck?*gets backstabbed*

Okay. I spent too many hours working on the pointless (kind of) GUI. I should write… again…

Some sort of gameplay! Cosplay cafe!?

So earlier, I was writing up an outline on how the dating sim/story whatever goes for Virtual Boyfriend: Secret Diary. Along the way I’m liek, “what if there was a school-girl cosplay cafe!?” I couldn’t make any wardrobe changes in comipo, they’re all school uniforms, and the main character Itsuka has to work and get money to buy food and such for each meal to get energy!

Since it’s work, she has to put on a new uniform different from the one she’s wearing. That includes a wig! That way… no one… recognizes her. EXCEPT. For her father. LOL.44And so. I was at first thinking of making this as a little mini game where you can walk around the place and serve people and stuff, but it seemed complicated to make a mini game like that when this is just a non-commercial game *sad face*

Or it can be like… there are several customers in the cafe, and you can just choose one of them, and then! Serve them and talk with them about… stuff… if i get a really good programmer who doesn’t mind not getting paid to do that… then it would be cools~

I got another editor! She’s my friend I’ve known for a while and has helped me a lot, and it seems like she can help me also when my other editor is out of touch. But I’m assuming… she’ll be overwhelmed with reading the entire story, which is gonna be really long (she’s still a teenager, but is really good with helping me out). So, I’ll just have my other editor read all that shieeet whenever she’s available.

But maybe she’ll say something about the little mini game. Because she likes games too. Maybe I should leave it out, maybe I shouldn’t. BAH I’m just rambling wtf.


There was this STUPID BITCH who was telling me OH SO MUCH how she regretted buying the art program ComiPo! And I was like… “Why dafuq are you even telling me this? Pls jest stahp talkeng yew annoyeng betch.”31_002I was making these ComiPo! art tutorials and then she was just liek, “WELL I REGRET BUYING THIS SHIT, YO. I can make better pictures without this program! WHY DID I FUCKING BUY IT GAWD I’M SO ANNOYING AREN’T I!?” I was just liek… “YES YOU ARE.” LOL what I really said…

of course, this isn’t a program specialized for drawing pictures from scratch graphically. you should also know what comipo is made for. it’s specialized for people who can’t draw too well and make comics. thats why they have already made models. it’s different than the program you’re probably used to using to draw pictures.

i don’t only use it to make comics. i can also use it like photoshop, manipulating photos—changing the hue, blur, making lots of layers to make a picture look great.

i at one point also “regretted” getting a program like photoshop or jasc paint shop pro because i had no idea how to use it at all. i thought everything was so weird and new to me because i couldn’t draw so well graphically. but i began to understand those programs, liked it over time, and make cool pictures.

if you at least give it a try and put some effort in making art in a program like comipo—not only just making different models or angles (even i think the angles are strange but i work with them)—you’ll eventually find out why you won’t regret it.

comipo is still new and still being updated with new things, that’s why the content is so less. but even with such less content, i can work with it. im sure you and others can work with it too to make really nice art.
i know there may be those who “regret” and havent tried using comipo deeply enough to understand how fun it is. i was one of them. but i used it, and kept using it, realizing how fun it was.

Yea… well… then she got even more annoying after my comment, I was like…

“Gawd srsly this bitch won’t stop ranting about how much she regrets the program.”
“I knoe, I wanna bitch slap her leik rait nao rait naooo!!
“Why is she even telling me she regrets the program? I was only making FUCKING tutorials.”
WHO DAFUQ KNOWS. She psycho.”

Then I saw some of her art. I mean, sure the people/animals whatever she draws look pretty good, but her backgrounds SUCK ASS with those cool cartoon peoples. See, this is where ComiPo! comes in handy with your SUCKY BACKGROUND ART. If you use ComiPo! with your amazing-looking people-animal art, then your pictures would look so much better you DUMBASS so STAHP TELLING ME HOW MUCH YOU REGRET DIS COMIPO SHIT!!


“But this time, it’s your turn to bitch. I won’t bitch slap you, because I know she was pretty DAMN ANNOYING.”
“I haven’t received any annoying comments regarding ComiPo! buying issues. And how much they probably HAVE NOT used ComiPo! enough to see IF they’ll like it.”
“She should’ve just done the trial version. Then. THE END. You wouldn’t come to me and BITCH ABOUT REGRETTING BUYING IT.”

Aside from that fucking whore
There were people telling me the art program is a “lazy way to make art.” YOU KNOE WUT. You don’t know how much effort I put to making a fucking awesome picture using ComiPo! It actually takes TIME to make a cool picture using the program. It’s not LAZY you crapface.

Plus… I’m helping people who has comipo with my ART TUTORIALS so can you liek SHADDAP about it being such a lazy program? YES? OKAY.

Thank GAWD I have a blog. If I kept this all in my head, I’ll probably be hitting stuff instead. like,”THIS BITCH UGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!*punches mom’s face on accident*

That… will be something I’ll regret. I LIEK 2TLY REGRET EETTT!!
But now… I think I’m done. *slightly satisfied*

It’s been… 4EVA, BRAH!!

I don’t know what this picture is about but I’m pointing at something… ANYWAY.2_001

It’s been so long since I’ve talked to my friend I met on a MMORPG. I added her on skype and she messaged me on a different account. Strangely, I knew it was her—Aqua, my bestie! Even though she’s so many years younger than me (I’m 22), I get along with her online more than anyone else!

But if I met her in person…

“Wait a second… do I… know you?
“Why are you telling me that you miss me?”
“Get away from me. I don’t wanna look like a pedophile.

Hey, that sounds, mean. DON’T SAY THAT, YOU MEANIE. We get along so well online, but I bet in real life, we’ll be just like,

“………………………….Can you liek, leave pls. This is awkward.”

…in our thoughts. Unless one of us actually say it.
Okay, you know what, I’m just not going to be a shy girl when I encounter people I know. I’m just gonna be liek.

“YO WUT UP, SON!?” *walks away*

That’s it. That’s all I say. What else do I say to someone I haven’t seen in a while? I DON’T EFFIN’ KNOW!! LOL I don’t know about the walking away part, that’s a bit rude, yah knoe. A bit? No. THAT’S RUDE.

Alrighty. Alrighty then. I’m just. Just. Going to go now. And have a swell time. Making random pictures in comipo. Because comipo is fun. 2tly fun.

I’m an eevee.

1_001I don’t know why. But it just happened. I made another site. But it’s only for rambling stuff and whatever. Not visual novels. Woot.

Speaking of visual novels (NO, I didn’t want to talk about this), I got some new theme for the eevee-novel site. That site is only for my completed and work in progress visual novels. It looks kind of cool. The Duo theme.

Okay, I’ve had enough of visual novel talk and thoughts for today. Let me. Just. Calm. And let my hair dance with the wind (as seen in the picture). Yes, I made that picture in ComiPo! It’s a wonderful art software.

I just wanna keep on making new pictures with it and post them on here. Just randomly. Even though I have an account on DeviantART—no, make that two accounts: eeveetron and azure-rose.

Just now, it looks like someone wants a tutorial on how I make my ComiPo! art. I’ll make a new post, a new pic, and make that my “tutorial post.” Somehow.