Gender bending? Does that count as a GxB game?

This picture looks… sort of wrong. BUT. It’s a picture of a story trading places with your friend! And he’s all like “Hey you, LET ME GET BACK IN MY BODY, DAMNIT!”

So, the male character becomes a female character. Now, I don’t know if this should be a BxG or GxB game. WHICH IS IT!? The guy turned into a girl. Now, I’m confused. Why am I always confused with my storylines!? SO CONFUSING.

Anyway, with this story, I’m just gonna write random things unlike the other stories I’ve been writing. Because… everything might flow… if I don’t know what I’m doing… if that even makes sense.

I don’t even know why I posted this small post, but I did. Randomly. Now, I’m tired. *passes out*


Making a GxB visual novel? Odd Love Test!

Hmm… a new romance GxB game “Odd Love Test.” this was sort of happening to me (and probably others) in real life: to make the guy you confessed to (but got rejected) like you back/jealous, sometimes, we can flirt around with another guy. MAYBE. Just maybe. He might want your attention back to him. Don’t know how guys think though. Maybe they actually don’t think much about it at all and in the end, we’re trying too hard for nothing!

“Hey, guy, wanna be my boyfriend?” PFFT not that I like you…!!
“Sure, I guess…
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘I GUESS!?’ You think I’m an easy girl!?
“N-no, I didn’t mean that—”
“FINE. FORGET IT!!*stomps away but regrets it and begs for ex’s love instead*

Wrote a story like this when I was a kid, so thought of making it again, but sort of different.

Odd Love Test: It was about a story of a single girl Rikki who saw a guy at the park she thinks is really attractive. This guy Jui was playing a game: the love test. The friend of Jui, Yuki and her workers that created “love test” wanted to see if Jui can get a random girl to love him. As soon as the girl falls in love with him, he should dump her right there and then. Every move he makes on Rikki is being video recorded. The more Jui got to know Rikki, the more he fell in love with her and couldn’t dump her like he’s supposed to in this “love test.” When Yuki found out that he’s actually in love with Rikki according to the recorded video, she had no choice but to…!! (unfinished)

The story was unfinished… I never found out what was supposed to happen in the end. *facerice*

But I thought it was weird. I didn’t really understand it. “WHAT WORKER!? IS THIS A COMPANY TO SEE HOW STUPID GUYS ARE SOMETIMES?” “No, it’s just to see how stupid you are.”

This time, the new story, is about…

Odd Love Test ~a taste of sweet revenge~: A girl named Ana gets dumped by her boyfriend Ken at her high school being told she’s too clingy and wants to be free from her. Ana was disappointed, thinking she didn’t do anything wrong and wanted him back, but her cousin Risa told her that she should make him jealous by getting with another guy.

Risa wants Ana to make the popular guy in her class, Rin, Ana’s fake boyfriend. Surprisingly, Rin accepts her fake confession. Risa says if Ken shows any signs of wanting Ana back, Ana should dump Rin, but Ana wonders if thats what she should really do, because she’s developing feelings for Rin. Now, she doesn’t know what to do, because there are two guys she can’t decide being with…!!

61Uh, something like that… Now I’m getting confused again. I feel like falling asleep because I don’t know what it’s about again. WHAT IS THIS STORY ABOUT AGAIN!? I DON’T EVEN—

IT… It just looks like a naive girl doesn’t know what she’s doing and doesn’t know what she wants… in life…

I wonder who the antagonist is… Ana’s cousin Risa… screwing up her love life? Risa wants to mess with her head and now Ana doesn’t know what to do with choosing Rin and Ken? I don’t know anymore! Maybe… she wants everyone to hate her if she dumps the popular guy…?

Okay, whatever. I’ll… fall asleep again and think of something. Thinking of complicated things makes me tired!

Wait… is this really that complicated?

Background story + get with all the guys!

Shinji: “You don’t get to peace out.”
Ichiro: “She isn’t talking to you. She wants to peace out with me.”
Itsuka: “Wait, what?
Mana: “Why does SHE get all the guys and not me!?*goes psycho*

I just… wanted to explain the random picture…

Made a little story of Itsuka’s past and now she gets to be cutesy with all the guys! The guy who is supposed to be her real father is actually a teacher at her school who used to be her guardian (took care of her when she was little), BUT she forgot because she got amnesia in a car accident.

56She doesn’t know anything. Only her teacher and Ichiro, her older brother. The teacher, Tetsuya took both of them in when their parents died. Her mother died when she gave birth to her, and the father committed suicide. They were abandoned on the street when the couple (Tetsuya and his girlfriend) found them.

The girlfriend of Tetsuya was going to drive Itsuka to school and the two of them suddenly got into a car accident because she’s emotionally unstable after the fight she got in with Tetsuya. After that, Tetsuya decided that he can’t handle her emotional issues and separated from her, only taking Ichiro with him.

WHY did he want to take care of one of the kids and not leave both with his ex?

He’s afraid that he might take advantage of the girl when she’s older who isn’t his real daughter. He insisted on taking care of the kids when he saw they were abandoned, so he should at least take care of the boy, Ichiro.

This seems a bit weird to me. Honestly, I was trying to make a story where Itsuka can end up with him and not as her real father. So… this is what happened when I tried to come up with it.

But the previous story was!!

Itsuka’s mother died and the father couldn’t take care of two kids. He didn’t like Itsuka because she “caused” his wife’s death. He sent her away to a friend far from where he lives and asked her to take care of her instead. Even though he doesn’t like her, he didn’t want to just leave her on the streets. So, she was left with the mother and her other child, who is now Itsuka’s brother.

She has no father to take care of her now, because her step mother divorced her husband. Her husband took a lot of the money with him, and now Itsuka’s step family is broke.

WHY did Itsuka’s real father want to leave her with a poor family?

He wants his friend to know his hate for her too, because that friend now needs to take care of two kids and she’s emotionally unstable even with taking care of her real child. He wants Itsuka to suffer like he did when his wife died.

Wait a second… has this story ever been this… dark or tragic? I NEVAR THAHT AHBAOT EETTT!! *stupid face*

BUT ANYWAY. I took out one guy in the story, Aki, her step brother. Unless he can just be some random guy she always sees, like if you take the train, she sees him all the time and he gives you advice or something. Like, talking to strangers…

Itsuka: “GAWD my mom at home is so STOOOPID.”
Aki: “Hit her in the face with a wake-up-to-reality punch when she’s out of control.”
Itsuka: “Thanks, stranger! I think I will! Goodbye, whoever you are!”

Then, coincidentally! She meets the stranger again! “It…was fate…!”

I don’t think I made much progress with writing the draft. Only coming up with ideas! Okay. That’s enough. I shouldn’t be writing so much in here. But. I am.

I couldn’t concentrate on writing… I made part of the GUI…!!

BAH. I shouldn’t be doing this. Dating sim GUI… I already made a GUI for Virtual Boyfriend Secret Diary when I’m supposed to friggin WRITE. I’m messing around too much. I gotz to concentrate!

The GUI that I made using ComiPo!… it looks really childish and unorganized. BECAUSE. I’m not an amazing GUI artist. But I think it looks decent for some reason. Maybe it’s meant to look childish!?

config1I had fun putting in the text…

  1. Go back: back to playing the game
  2. Leave session: main menu/top
  3. Leave 4 EVER: quit game
  4. Diary, don’t look!: list of journal entries
  5. (drawing of Aries the Ram): daily horoscope readings
  6. erase: erase what’s on the board
  7. draw: draw anything on the board with white chalk
  8. color: color in your drawings on the board with pink chalk
  9. status: your status…?
  10. bag: inventory! food? money? other stuff
  11. extra: extra stuff…?

I’m just not experienced enough to actually put in all the coding… UGH. I just wanted to make this. It might change but whatever~

Aside from that! I wrote 10,012 words! I have a feeling this game might be more than just 30,000 words. Because… prologue = 405 words, day 1 = 8,385 words, day 2 = 1,202 words. There are 15 days. And the intro with day 1 and 2 are already 10k. So what would that mean…

Each day (Feb 1 to 15) might be 8k words… that equals…

*cough cough* “WHAT!? Do I need to write over 120,000 words!?”
“Yes. Yes you do. So that means… STAHP PROCRASTINATING!!
“Then you might finish it by 2016, not 2015!”
NO, BITCH! I’ll finish it! I’ll find people who like to do programmy-arty shit without being paid to finish this all!!”
“Well, good luck doing that… when you do.”
“…………………….do you really mean good luck?*gets backstabbed*

Okay. I spent too many hours working on the pointless (kind of) GUI. I should write… again…

This is getting boring! Or am I just not too into it?

I feel like I really need to change my writing style. It’s getting really boring and annoying when I read it and write my story. BUT I AT LEAST… have 7,089 words

But seriously, I was just like… I NEED TO WRITE LIKE I DO IN MY JOURNAL. Then when I write, it’s all serious and GETS BORING DAMN YOU.

I’m still on Day 1 (Chapter 1) and since it’s a dating sim, I’m all like, “is this just… gonna happen EVERY single day? THIS BORINGNESS!?”46Virtual Boyfriend: Secret Diary. Should I also change the title, like how it’s written? I won’t change the full words, I mean I feel like I should take out the “:” and put in something else… LIKE Virtual Boyfriend -Secret Diary- or Virtual Boyfriend ~Secret Diary~ or Virtual Boyfriend *Secret Diary* or… okay. I don’t know.

Well then. I think I need to figure out more on how the story goes, not just my writing style. It’s pretty much the story that MIGHT end up getting boring. So, the order of the first day…

  1. Checking horoscope on how the day would go,
  2. eating breakfast/skipping breakfast/forgetting lunch
  3. going to school (usually late),
  4. meeting with a guy she “hates” and a new guy,
  5. going to P.E. without a P.E. uniform (no, she didn’t go to P.E. naked),
  6. having mini games (like when going to lunch, playing basketball in P.E., working at a restaurant to get money),
  7. cleaning the school,
  8. hanging out with her friends (but what to do…),
  9. going to work to get money,
  10. go home to talk to online boyfriend or just sleep.

I guess that’s… what I have planned for almost everyday. But if it’s everyday… wouldn’t that seem boring? That’s what I’m thinking.

I’m probably not gonna ask my teenage editor, showing her what I have and asking her what I have to do anymore. My other editor needs to see everything I have, or else I’m gonna go crazy out of my mind cuz I wouldn’t know what this outline should be like, or if I even need to do the exact same thing everyday.

Okay… uh… I’ll just make it sound like Itsuka is talking/narrating as if she’s writing in her journal for the whole day. I’ll see how it turns out…

I’ll hope if I do that, I can type faster!

Some sort of gameplay! Cosplay cafe!?

So earlier, I was writing up an outline on how the dating sim/story whatever goes for Virtual Boyfriend: Secret Diary. Along the way I’m liek, “what if there was a school-girl cosplay cafe!?” I couldn’t make any wardrobe changes in comipo, they’re all school uniforms, and the main character Itsuka has to work and get money to buy food and such for each meal to get energy!

Since it’s work, she has to put on a new uniform different from the one she’s wearing. That includes a wig! That way… no one… recognizes her. EXCEPT. For her father. LOL.44And so. I was at first thinking of making this as a little mini game where you can walk around the place and serve people and stuff, but it seemed complicated to make a mini game like that when this is just a non-commercial game *sad face*

Or it can be like… there are several customers in the cafe, and you can just choose one of them, and then! Serve them and talk with them about… stuff… if i get a really good programmer who doesn’t mind not getting paid to do that… then it would be cools~

I got another editor! She’s my friend I’ve known for a while and has helped me a lot, and it seems like she can help me also when my other editor is out of touch. But I’m assuming… she’ll be overwhelmed with reading the entire story, which is gonna be really long (she’s still a teenager, but is really good with helping me out). So, I’ll just have my other editor read all that shieeet whenever she’s available.

But maybe she’ll say something about the little mini game. Because she likes games too. Maybe I should leave it out, maybe I shouldn’t. BAH I’m just rambling wtf.

I actually made some progress… It’s a miracle.

Itsuka “I did it, big brother! I’m in the 2,120 words eevee wrote!”
Ichiro “That’s great. Now give me a hug.”
Mana “Why does she get a hug and not me!?” *feels alone*
EeveeI SHOULD BE SAYING THAT.” *bitch slaps Mana*40_002

Yesterday night, I was typing up my story and I was just freewriting. Then I realized, “HAY I WRITE SO MUCH FASTER WHEN I DON’T GIVE A FUCK.” But when I do… I can write only like at least 100 words. Yesterday, I wrote 1,300 words. So, I was like, “2MARO I WILL RITE 5,000 WARDSS!!

I think it happened because I was told to just write like… crazy then go back to edit it later. Looks like this visual novel should be at least (since there are 5 routes aside from common route)… 180,000 words. If 50,000 for each (like I planned before), 300,000 words.

*vomit* WTF why do I need to write SO MANY FUCKING WORDS!?
“You need to write at least 30,000 words for each route! Or maybe 50,000!
“Then what do you have time for!?”
“………..I guess I’ll need to write at least 30,000 words.” *sad face*

I WONDER if I can finish the common route before December! Then I can finally write the other routes.

Wait, I shouldn’t be saying all this yet. OR should I? Well this is liek my BLAHG so I sey wut I wantz. Time to write again. I better make it 5,000 words this time!!